Reader Questions

“What’s your problem man? You sound more pretentious than anyone in these videos. You act like these people have all this expensive shit and then turn around and point out how shitty their bikes are and how they don’t have “proper gear”. Fuck your proper gear man I’ll ride shirtless with no helmet if I damn well please. And then I’ll drink Starbucks cause it tastes good and piss it on your faster than light bike.”


LOL I want to lick the tears from this guy’s face.

One thought on “Reader Questions

  1. Jeeeezzz…what Is HIS Problem…??????Going to Starbucks is
    obviously the first one……be a man and perk yur own! While
    you’re at it,make certain that you REALLY enjoy pain,cuz you
    will be in for big doses of it if you fall off shirtless…provided the
    head injury from no helmet doesn’t do you in first.Nothing quite
    like 3-5 hours of a droning nurse voice as she scrubs the grainy
    particulate out of the raw red meat(that was your back)with the
    saline and alcohol,accompanied by that hard plastic bristle brush.
    Proper Gear?? Just cover Proper BASIC Gear-aka common sense!
    and by the way,a lot of those bikes ARE shitty………

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