We’re getting free shit

Aerostich logo 2012

The guys at Aerostich got in touch with us, said they like what we are doing, and would like to put an ad on our website.  We agree, we like what we’re doing.  We were promised free t-shirts in return; this internet hate business sure is lucrative.

So if for any irrational whim of a reason you decide your $200 hoodie  and gardening gloves  aren’t going to save you from a 40mph lowside into a shrub due to your hardtail XS400 not being able to maintain traction over a pothole in a turn you entered too fast because you have no front brake, you might consider a step up to some of this gear.

Every old guy I know that rides, has a Aerostich suit.  Old guys are wily, they know what’s up.   Some of us are AARP — I mean BMW club — members, so we can confirm that Aerostich is legit stuff.

They also offer the best iPhone app on the market to support your riding habit.

Here’s their site: www.aerostich.com

11 thoughts on “We’re getting free shit

  1. I fucking love my ‘stich. Best $1200 I’ve ever spent. And no, I’m not an old beardy dude on a BMW. I’m a 24 year old sportsbike rider. Oh, and I don’t wear it ironically.

  2. Whoa whoa. I have been following you for what? at least a week, I feel like that makes me a founding user and should be entitled to something as well. Let me know where to send my address.

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