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  1. Bikes are literally created by artists and builders. This guy has a pretty good idea of what it means to be a motorcyclist I think. I’m gonna have to disagree on this one with ya. And now I’m off to twist up my moustache and smoke my corncob pipe

  2. Bikes are designed by engineers and built by factory workers, they’re meant to be ridden, the experience of riding is what matters. This is object worship and materialism. But I guess different strokes for different folks :)

  3. I’ve meet this guy before. He has another dozen or so bikes that will smoke you…. you guys are usually spot on, but can’t get behind this post. Slow day?

  4. Creds established within seconds…that was impossible for me to watch without the urge to treat my computer like said light meter. What a tool….and who is the uber-tool that thought it worth documenting? Urgghh

  5. This is either the most ironic video I’ve seen or he’s a complete wanker…I seriously wanted it to blow up and take out the brown nosing pleb as well.
    And fuckin opera is just vowels to music

  6. I saw this actual “bike” at Owl’s Head Transportation Museum in Maine. It was in a room full of meticulously restored vintage MGs, prewar and postwar.

    What a joke. What an idiotic joke. It’s not a motorcycle. It’s a clich├ęd modernist sculpture made out of pieces of a bike.

    Junk. Meaningless. Pathetic. This guy is an idiot.

  7. “Since 1993 an icon and inspiration to the realm of visual and creative arts, the Monster is the face in the crowd, the lover and partner at once. Powerfully eloquent, it has created a cult following among motorcycling enthusiasts and people who associate the Ducati Monster with a work of art.” – Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.


  8. “When you are doing a free form bike like this you can never expect it to function that well” Seriously WTF?

    “The chances of the throttle not breaking are 50%” Sounds like a death trap.

    “The bike wasn’t really built to be ridden” What a tool. Way too many drugs back in the day

  9. I didn’t mind watching this one so much. It sort of paid off at the end with the bloke on the BMW with the Ewan McGregor voice saying it was a fucking deathtrap! That, and when the tank leaked like a sieve, were my favourite moments. I actually quite liked this video just not the pretentious stuff. I like when people make contraptions in their sheds.

  10. I personally found the video to be entertaining. Is it important to agree with him?i don’t think he was trying to be anything but an eccentric artist putting a semi self transporting piece of modern art. Then again it is fun to make fun of it. Win, win I say.

  11. Who the fuck makes you twats the be all and end all?? “Bikes are meant to be driven”, well no shit sherlock, bikes are also an expression and extension of yourself, what a bunch of fucn hate mongers most of you douche bags are, fuc me! I for one would much rather hang with this old boy then some insecure prick on his brand new speedbike.

    • Another dateless wonder foaming at the mouth late on a Friday night.

      Freudian translation says: “I’m so lonely I’d even hang out with hipsters!”

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