10 thoughts on “hahahahahahahahahahaha

  1. Quote from crowd-funding site: “Rising Sun Workshop is going to be Sydney’s first communal workshop space for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a place that provides the space, tools and knowledge to do what ever you can think of to your machine. Whether it is just to change the oil, filter and plugs, or to build your dream custom from a rusted barn find, Rising Sun Workshop will provide your home away from home.” I like the concept… sort of. But anyone who wears an open face helmet just to look “cool” and “inhale the smells” is, well, retarded. I also see this project going down-hill fast. Clowns who don’t even know how to change a spark plug messing around with expensive tools and precision motors will lead to problems… Tools will be stolen. Bikes will fail off lifts. Expensive parts will get lost. None of these ponytailers strikes me as a “master mechanic” or anything remotely close.

  2. What the fuck BHBV?! I sent you a link to a Melbourne ‘garage’ called Kustom Kommune but you didn’t post it. I demand to know why this is funny enough to post and Kustom Kommune isn’t. I’m deeply offended and may be forced to reconsider any future contributions for fear of rejection.

  3. Love this site – 36 years fucking about with bikes- what the fuck is a grease change? Maybe she means an AJ with a grease gear box but I doubt it….One thing you can’t take off the waxed tashed retards is that they get some fit fanny to hang around them….any bird that would hang around us when we were riding bikes probably had a their own tash to wax…

  4. K&N sticker(?) on side of helmet?Check.Lumbersexual Narrator stating he does
    has “The Knowledge”?Check.Lady wearing pseudo Lee Marvin striped jersey?
    Check.Really,the idea is not all that bad,but set down the self bantering and the video camera,and get on with doing,not bs’ing.And put your coffee away,will you?
    Kudos to anyone who indeed wishes to learn,but……I am perplexed that I don’t
    have any K&N stickers anywhere for that matter….after running their filters since