The Glint


Hey guy, why would you work in such a badly lit workshop? It’s daylight outside, man. Why not just open the door? I’m no pro, but I’m pretty sure if you’re going to be doing bodywork, you want to see what you’re doing.

We’ve been seeing a lot these videos with bombastic claims about the importance of this sort of creativity (see: Blood and Oil ) Listen, if you like working on bikes, that’s nice. However, humanity as a species has not somehow failed if you don’t take your angle grinder to your fender. You’re not going to achieve immortality by slapping a dumb knobby tire on a Harley. Just relax, ok.

Anyway you can check the bike this mustachioed craftsman created here Comete  and by created I mean, took an already mediocre bike and made it slightly worse.

18 thoughts on “The Glint

    • Thank you for documenting the TTGS. We should come up with some other useful metrics for these videos, they are so fucking formulaic that I’m sure theres about a dozen or so to be tracked.

      Maybe Time to Pretentious Narration? TTPN of 16s here. “There is a light…” yeah right Mr. Narrator, how about you hang some proper shop lights in your basement hack shop so you can see the horrors you’ve wrought in the name of having an extra special bike that really represents you as an artist/woodsman/bike/human-mustache.

  1. You’re just kind of a dick aren’t you. There are different bikes for a reason and if you don’t like these videos, don’t fucking watch them. Stick to riding some boring ass bike with no character and leave these people alone.

  2. Hey, how can we cripple this bike some more? Let’s raise the tank, for a higher center of gravity, throw away the front fender so the dirt you’re parking on at the end of the video can hit you in the face, put a street tire on the back and a huge knobby on the front so it’s not good at either dirt or street, and finally, we feel that 2″ of rear wheel travel is too much, let’s have none! Then we’ll put the thinnest seat we can find on it. Who needs a back, anyway? Let’s cap off this shit show with an enormously wide handlebar on it, too, so you can’t lane split in traffic when it gets hot.

  3. Hey, FY, I get it and I get you. I want a bike that “is ready to take the backroads: preferably muddy ones” that’s why it has a knobby (think British slang) tire in the front and a road tire in the back.

    Oh, and in case you missed it due to my lack of requisite cursing, my post was sarcastic. Except the part about getting you. Poseur!

  4. I want to believe that huge knobby front tire was a bad choice resulting from the poor light conditions from their garage!!!
    Also, this new trendy movie trailer voices scare me like shit…

  5. From the Comete description linked: “A quirky bobber based on the Iron 2011 frame, the Lumberjack is rock ‘n’ roll and extravagant whilst retaining an underlying subtlety.”

    Replace “Iron 2011 frame” with “burrito I ate last night”, and you have an exact description of the massive dump I took this morning.

  6. You can make that bike out of a stock sportster in an afternoon with a set of allen wrenches and a quick look through a biltwell/lowbrow catalog.

    It’s not terrible as a bolt-on mild custom save for the ridiculous bars

    • Is that bike better or worse for that trip because of the “sweet custom” changes you made to it? Would the Lumberjack also be a great choice for that trip?

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