The end is nigh

They’ve started to turn on their own kind, while trying to steal our steez. This is a sign.

As it was, so shall it be again. Just as the terrible terrible chopper trend of the early 2000’s came to an end so will this hipster nonsense. Soon these urban beardsmen will move on to something new, the only trace that they were ever here will be the glut of overpriced “custom” Hondas on craigslist.

24 thoughts on “The end is nigh

  1. Yes, the “custom” Hondas (custom meaning that almost the entire rear frame has been chopped off with a hacksaw, and perhaps the bike has been spray-bombed flat black.)

  2. Naw man he has it all wrong we’re all doubling down and going full lumbersexual. or is it seksual? I’ve started wearing my girlfriend’s stormy kromer, don’t leave the house without my flannel and broke my ankle when I slipped on my flat footed thorogoods.

  3. Still reckon it will be microlights next! Look skyward for flying beards… or the really hip will be clean shaven. Beards are too common now! Maybe a few will have caught the biking bug and start riding sensible stuff.

  4. denial is the first stage… I think he really does not think he is not one of these guys … this video is a breakthrough

  5. I think most of the real builders out there have had a sense of humor about it and have been making fun of this shit for years and years – longer than this site for sure. People like Jeremiah, Caleb, Dave Polgreen, Walt Gemeinhardt…none of these guys would be classified as “hipsters” by anyone and have been tongue in cheek about this whole scene for more than a decade. This site is late to the game, really.

        • Only Dave Polgreen yields some Google results and it appears to be just another Harley-like builder, no clues about the rest (URL welcome). So, do you think these names are significant and related to this fashion which focuses on Japanese and European bikes?

          BTW, 10-15 years ago there were two types of builders: The ones doing more and more and more Harley-like stuff as usual, no innovation, zero flying f*cks given from me, and the ones creating new bike categories (that you can buy now) with their streetfighters and supermotards, made from crashed sporbikes and civilized off-roaders.

          The “hipster” builders are creating a new commercial category, see the Nine-T beemer, the Ducati Scrambler, some Triumphs, and the humble Yamaha SR400.

          Who knows… may be in the 2030’s we’ll see down the road young lads riding those CBR600 and R1 that we rode…

          • Sorry dude,
            The hipsters did in no way create, “A new commercial category, see the Nine-T beemer, the Ducati Scrambler, some Triumphs, and the humble Yamaha SR400.”

            Make no mistake! They just latched onto it. They are have leached onto the scene. Most of them have no skills or pedigree. They are a genre of plagiarizers.

            These bikes were built by seasoned custom motorcycles builders. Not Hipsters.
            True Hippies were your parents in the 60’s. They were not just mere scene drifters.

            Rant over!

  6. real builders in amerika…? sorry but their number is small.and they are too busy
    keeping a low profile and actually doing real work that speaks for itself.Besides,
    “making fun of this shit” never enters their minds being they are on an entirely
    different plateau as to even trying to relate to the younger “builders” scene,pal.
    Most “real builders”cut their teeth in the 60’s…their experience is way the fuck
    ahead of the curve,and they do not care to deal with the legions of self righteous
    blowhards* that consider themselves armed with talent,experience,genius or
    what other pretentious non substance bullshit to fit their deal.ahh..enough said.
    *OCC,and “cafe racer” shops that have sprung up like weeds in the last couple of years-

  7. Awe dammit. I’ve been wearing thorogoods for years. Gotta find new boots now too. I’m not getting rid of my flannels. Damn hipsters ruin everything.

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