30 thoughts on “The Beardman Poseth

  1. those bikes suck, and I do not understand what they are selling, or even the purpose for the video… unless they just wanted the fame of being on here…

  2. whatta hell is this? what is the purpose of this video? ahhaha…i really like your website bullshithipsterbikevideos.

    • It’s an advertising video. They are selling clothes and stuff. I’m betting the bearded bloke is a model – I’ve seen him or his clone modelling clothes for ASOS.

  3. Felt my balls start to shrivel as I watched it. Had to go in the garage and look at my motorcycles to feel better.

  4. What on earth was the swamp stuff in the cups? This beard stuff is dangerous , only last week I saw that two R1 riders had been savagely beaten up by two disorientated Lumberjacks that had strayed into town that didn’t take kindly to being called names.

    The guy in the video must be hard however as he has facial tattoos he had done in Borstal.

  5. What a pointless, pretentious waste of life, skin and oxygen these fucking lifestyle obsessed cunts are. Style over substance in the worst possible way. And what’s with the beards? Do they want to intentionally look like kiddy-fiddlers?

  6. Personally I think it’s admirable that they’re giving ex-con lumberjacks a chance at a modelling career.

    • I live in West Virginia, and know a lot of “lumberjacks” and coal miners (don’t know about ex cons), but none of them would be caught dead in a video like this.

  7. This video inspired me, I am now preparing a Kickstarter project. It is time that someone visited every Starbucks and rated them from a Hipster’s point of view.

    My Project, “Double Trouble”, will consist of me riding a Hipster-cycle – kick start of course, to each and every one of the 10,924 Starbucks in the United States.

    Think of Kerouac’s On the Road, but different, because I will be “On the Hipster Road with Starbucks”.

    I will only drink their coffee ( one cup per Starbucks) and only eat the food that they sell in their little glass windowed food mausoleums.

    My life will be the life of Starbucks, as I sleep in their leather chairs, bathe in their bathrooms and tan on their patios.

    Weekly I will rate Baristas on the H & H scale ( Hipness and Hotness ) and post their store location.

    If I can average visiting 10 Starbucks a day this trip of self discovery will take me just over 3 years to complete.

    Math is not hard – I need to raise one million dollars, please help..

  8. super jealous fat late 30 year olds who cant grow beards talk shit online. lol you guys are funny. did your ex leave you for some one with a beard? i love those neon full body suits you turds wear. street bikes are for nerdssssss

      • My back is so hairy it scares my balls to death. I am in possession of an anal beard so painfully hip it’s just begging to be the star of a film about mower racing. I ride a Husqvarna and kill trees with one too. But I love artisan coffee, am I hip or just hick?
        I write and talk shit too.

        • What exactly is “middle america”? I’ve always wondered about that. As opposed to “side America”…?

    • I have a beard, a hot wife and a hyper-naked bike…. I will wave as I pass you wrenching by the road. Please make some sparks so I can be sure it is you.

    • Um, you’re “talking shit online”… so that must mean you’re over 30 and can’t grow a beard…?

  9. He needs a good ass rapin’ in the penitentiary ass he should be locked for that awful bike and white hillbilly trash tats make look like he was born to be incarcerated (woe be the ironic hipster)…

  10. Poor Moto Morini! What did it do to warrant those crappy tyres?

    Surfing in New York! Is that even possible or is it just subway surfing?

    Just noticed they even spelt Deus Ex Machina wrong in the credits, these are truly amateur hipsters!

  11. I’m still not sure what or where I could even buy anything shown in that video?

    I thought the job of marketing was to give people bullshit with a clear path to commerce?

    This is like inviting someone into a hedgemaze with a door to a Nordstroms at the other end.

  12. Is that dude really taking a surfboard on a subway? Isn’t that a clash of cultures or are the hipsters starting to infect the surfer culture?

    • You can surf at Rockaway in NY. Plus, maybe hipsters will redefine surf culture by marginalizing and making irrelevant its douchey bro culture, much like they have with motorcycle culture. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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