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  1. the first time i saw one of these stickers was on an engine swapped car with the owner being a rather unwitting participant. I still cant tell if this is a joke, but it seems like every time I see a ‘built not bought’ sticker its rather ironic. Kudos for treading the line once again.

  2. What qualifies as “building”? To me it is when a hipster “personalizes” their belongings to follow current fashion trends no matter if it is a motorcycle, automobile or their body-hair and selection of clothing. My father was a dealer/racer for Matchless bikes back in the 50s and early 60s and we still have old British motorcycles laying around, but if I put one together to ride it is either going to be as original as I can make it so it documents the history of the company which made it, or if it is modified it is going to be with performance and/or safety in mind, not what is currently fashionable. If you are going to “build” something then do it for something bigger than your need of attention or insecurity. Whoever started this page should start another page called “Bullshit Hipster Web Pages” because there are lots of needy egos out there with blogs or Facebook pages carefully documenting every step they take to butcher some poor machine to fit into what is trendy or fashionable. One of my main qualifications for a person being a hipster is if they wallow in fashionable material goods which they have no contemporary connection with, a hollow soul who rips-off the aesthetics of the past as jewelry for their egos…

    • Well done there….the final sentence Is the confirming fact.
      Sadly,the ripping off is typical,but when they do it in a way
      which conveys that They Originated said thing is what truly
      exposes their falseness.And makes them oh oh so easy to
      ridicule.And the aborted projects,remains of what were at
      one time decent old motorbikes,continue to swell the pages
      of Craig’s List,as the fashion trend slowly loses it’s momentum.

  3. Dudes come back! Just discovered this site, absolutely hilarious and genius. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was yesterday and I’m sure you could find tons of material from that.

    • I heard the site owner joined the darkside and started going on those distinguished gentlemen rides. A damn shame..

      • WHHHaattttt????…say it ain’t so.If the individual in question appears in an Iron and Resin video,then all hope is lost.I try to keep an even perspective as a life
        long enthusiast,but no way of stooping to that level of hipsterdom.Easier to ride
        by oneself.And brew simple black coffee at home,free of the pretension.Straight.

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