16 thoughts on “Snap-On

  1. That thar iz the mhost Icks-pensiv seegarit lahter ahv evr seieen,
    he iz a wastin gud ox ee jen.
    On a less colloquial note,the needle vise pliers on the acorn nut was
    beautiful.And a sad fact is that these morons are learning about
    consequences rather late,eh? He better hustle his ass down to
    Iron & Resin,and look fer a pair of limited edition Spring Catalogue
    purposely designed (and Hand Made) Work Gloves.That way he
    won’t mess up his fingers next time he is a loosinin’ those acorn nuts
    with the needle vise pliers.Whilst rounding the next fastner head to
    an unrecognizable shard of industrial waste,he’ll take comfort in the
    look of his juniper and buckwheat trimmed gloves,knowing how cool
    he looks,cuz he’s gonna be a jen u whine artisan………

  2. Hey Snap on gave me free tools. I called to let them know that I rejuvenated a pair of old diagonal cutters after & after the wire wheel they I saw they were Snap on. I called to let them know & they asked for them for their museum. I said I valued them to much. Asked for a pic which I sent. They sent me a ratcheting screwdriver.

  3. Spot on! When I was a nipper we called it ‘Mole Grip and mallet Mechanics’ when talking about our propensity for being a bunch of bodging teenage twats. Now I see it could be a perfectly good marketing campaign…..hmmm. I had a sticker with SnapOff tools written on it many years ago. It made my cat laugh so much it turned inside out. I hate my bike.

  4. You’re poor because your ass is on the internet wasting time knocking others (instead of riding yourself)… which earns you nothing except a group of like-minded morons to yuck it up with. These hipsters on the other hand are not poor because they’re self promoting themselves and building a lifestyle that they will contribute too and take from… dumbass, figure it out.

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