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  1. Fuck I’m so sick of this shit. I started working on a BSA 10 years and two kids ago, and now its nearly finished but since custom bike culture has been hijacked by these cunts I’m almost too embarrassed to be seen on it. It sucks a whole bucket of dick that these fuckers now epitomise custom bike culture rather than the ordinary, everyday, uncool guys and girls who are actually out there building, fixing and riding bikes. I’d love to see a bikie gang come across a mob of these homos and beat the shit out of them. Cunts!

    • Meh, don’t let it bug you, ride your BSA with pride and a sensible helmet and fuck what anyone else thinks. Thanks to hipsters all my bike have gone up in value which is not a bad thing. BTW these guys only epitomise custom bike culture on the internet. There are thousands of regular beardless folks happily working away in their sheds on old bikes, you just never see them because they don’t feel the need to make a Vimeo video about it.

    • Don’t get too down about things bro, I’m sure this shit will pass much like the chopper bullshit of the early 2000’s, it’s easier if you just laugh at them.

    • Ri-fuck’n-diculous. Your comment as well as that video. Why don’t you finish your BSA and enjoy your 10 years work on it, and don’t give a shit about fashion (that wont’ last 10 years, btw)?

    • i changed just two letters… “epitomise custom bike culture rather than the ordinary, everyday, cool guys and girls who are actually out there building, fixing and riding bikes. ” now your comment makes more sense.

    • Hi i live in #Dalston and need a new get-about. Would you consider selling it? What color is the seat I want a tan leather one? Do you take Bitcoin?

    • Mate, they’re just motorcycles. Just ride the thing and stop worrying about what other twats get up to . I saw the British hardcore punk thing I loved hijacked by copyists in the US and Anarchist nutters in Europe and had to walk away cos it was rife with cunts but biking is different, just ride the thing and enjoy the solitary freedom of it. It was never cool to ride a bike and never should be , it’s just fun, my dad looked a proper wanker on his bantam but he didn’t give a shit.

  2. at least the jackets are not distressed, I hate it when these shits by vintage or pre aged jackets, so they look like they ride.

  3. Not talking about this video, but the hipster bike scene in general. Yeah fuck these hipsters and their cosplay! They are not real riders and I mean look at what they wear, fucking tight jeans and fake ass leather jackets.

    You wanna see some real riders? Check this out:

    Yeah, real riders do high speed wheelies on the interstate. Some of us like to wear full race suits, cuz u know we’re racing an shit on public roads. But some of us wear t-shirts while doing wheelies cuz u know, chicks dig muscles! Oh and don’t forget real riders take over highways, swarm and intimidate other motorists and disrupt flow of traffic. Cuz u know, thats how we do!

    • …and the award for the most retarded comment on this blog goes to….(drum roll)…..

      …….wait for it……


        • Um, maybe shehe was being ironic about those who bathe themselves in irony as if it was gravy? fuck if I know, heshe could be a total cnut, but it’s possible.

    • Distilled hipster defense: “There’s others lamer than us!”.


      CB350s, SR400s, anything with Firestones on it, anyone riding with a head parachute (AKA open face helmet) etc… disrupt the flow of traffic by default.

  4. I checked out the jackets. Fashion wear not bike gear. If you want something that looks the same but probably costs half the price head down to Camden Market.

    Unless you are very hip and stupid of course.

    • yeah thats the way to do it. go to camden and buy some cheap mass produced in a chinese sweat shop piece of shit that might look similar at a glance but wouldn’t take much further inspection to reveal you as a cheap ignorant cynical fashion victim. as far as products manufactured in the uk go, they’re not as expensive as say, lewis leathers, and i dont think these guys are suggesting you put one of their jackets on and try to break the lap record at brands hatch

      • I bought Lewis Leathers trousers back in the early 90s before the prices trippled, so I get that. They had some credibility back then now its just the Japanese that will pay for the name.

        I’m sure these are well made by cockney artisans but for that money I could get some decent horsehide or a jacket with armour in it. Does ‘fashion victim’ mean that I actually like wearing protective gear on a motorbike? And yes, I am fucking cynical about crappy over-priced leathers parading as bike gear.

        • i don’t mean you personally. i mean you, as in ‘one’ as in anyone in the market for a leather jacket. and i still don’t think these jackets are parading themselves as anything other than what they are.

  5. The thing that gets me about this vid and others like it, is that everyone seems to be trapped in a time warp of some sort. This video in particular featured a crappy Yamaha dual sport that was even crappy back when it was new 30 years ago, and now couldn’t hold a candle to any number of modern dual sporters. And the irony is that these riders can afford to buy the newer, better equipped, better handling, more efficient rides… but instead they wanna play retro simply because of the aesthetic.

    To each his reach, of course, but I’ll be over on the side laughing.

    • Totally agree. These guys dont need protective clothing as most of these shitters couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding. I get that they like the aesthetic but it must be torture riding something so crap when there are much better alternatives out there.

      I wouldn’t go back to my 80s bikes… even the LC! Especially on those TT100 Dunlops.

  6. It occurred to me, is there a car version of this fad? Surely there has to be. Is it the rat rod scene?

    BTW, love the website and visit weekly.

  7. Well aresholes here’s the rub. Drew and the chaps at Black Skulls have been building and riding bikes for decades, long before you dickwits passed your CBTs and bought your first set of race replica leathers. So do your fucking homework. The jackets are well built, and yeah I do I ride a bike, several in fact. I’ve raced GP bikes competitively (if not successfully) bike couriered, commuted, fallen off, been knocked off, for fucking decades. I’ve done more miles on bikes than any of you bitter, jealous twats could dream of. What you can’t stand is the fact that these guys have a laugh and enjoy themselves on affordable bikes. rather than sitting in their mum’s basements wanking themselves off over the latest plastic shrouded, computer slaved, ABS traction controlled monstrosity with more power than you ever handle that multi-national corporations and their media whores tell you you have to buy. Oh and stop dressing like racers, none of you are fast enough to warrant it. That’s it, I’m off to wax my Redwings, comb my beard, hang up my raw selvedge jeans and laugh mockingly at you humorless, bitter, sexless fools. See ya (well I won’t because I ain’t got wing mirrors to watch you disappear behind me)

    • Lol calm down bro you’re gonna blow a gasket or something, it’s no big deal we just made fun of your stupid jackets.

    • I have great respect for The Black Skulls and all the scene in London and Hackney especially. There’s fun in it all and that’s the essential ingredient in fulfilling motorcycling. I ride crap late seventies bikes badly because I always have ,ever since I started to do so in 1981 when these bikes were quite new! I enjoy it and I enjoy a friendly scene to share the fun with. Might not sound terribly butch and mean or skilled but fuck it’s only messing around on motorbikes and that should be fun. Being fashion conscious or not should make little difference. I ride naked around the paddock and nobody sees me I hope but I feel great doing it. Fair enough, I take a lot of trips and drink too much but hell, I’m enjoying it.

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