Vincent nuts

Since we saw a big spike in traffic, we figured we might as well use our new found popularity for a more positive purpose.  So starting with this post we’re doing a “Feel-Good Friday” posting something we actually find really cool.


This video doesn’t have men in their girlfriends’ jeans.  It doesn’t have showers of angle grinder sparks.  No one stares into the camera with a look carefully copied from an insurance commercial.  There’s no verbal fluffery on the essence of manhood, delicately limited depth-of-field pans, or tie-ins to organic locavore grooming products.

Just a video of two old gentlemen, hanging out in their garage, playing with their absolutely insane land speed bike. I don’t even know what I can say, a decades-old Vincent engine, methanol injection,  homemade semi auto pneumatic gearbox powered by compressed air contained in the frame like a porsche 917, huge nitrous shot, and God knows what else.  All adding up to 180 horsepower on a flamethrowing run, on what looks like a homemade dyno, ridden by a 75-year old man who just happens to be a world record holder.

I’d be willing to bet that once these two are gone, no one will know how to run that bike.

Check out the rest of their channel for more cool vids

5 thoughts on “Vincent nuts

  1. John Renwick is a true Vincent enthusiast and gentleman; I’ve met him at Bonneville several times and he always takes the time to explain his bike and his efforts to race it. He’s the real thing.

  2. the only thing that makes you laugh in this video is just these dudes doing this insane shit, its fucking awesome.

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