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We weren’t sure about making fun of French people, we’ve avoided doing it in the past. The problem is, it’s too hard to spot a French hipster. For all we know, riding a vintage motorcycle to an art gallery party, wearing grandpas WWII jacket, eating cave aged cheese with a classic bowie knife while listening to some rare blues record could just be another Tuesday for a regular french guy. It’s very difficult to tell.

Luckily this video is a bit more cut and dry. Fashion brand Ralph Lauren saw how much money there was in selling over priced jeans to these well heeled beardos and decided to get in the game. Good news for them, every single “motorcycle builder” is also a fashion brand in this world, so they should fit right in, look forward to buying their gear at Bloomingdales.

This ride must have been a dream for some of these riders, getting to play pretend with like minded folks and do a 60 mile ride which ends at a high end fashion boutique, what else could a motorcyclist ask for.

Pretty good looking Vincent and BSA can be spotted in the video if you can look past all the yellow headlights and beards. insta

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  1. Can someone help me understand what yellow headlight era they’re trying to harken back to? Since the carbide lamp days, I’m pretty sure anyone who was really into riding his bike (rather than being seen riding his bike) has looked for the brightest, whitest light they could get. I won’t fault someone on a BSA 441 Victor if their headlight is a little on the dim, yellow-ish side, but that’s a far cry from yellow lenses, and a lot of these bikes can easily support halogen.

    Do these people just park if it starts to get dark? Crawl home in the feeble yellow glow, hoping to miss Bambi’s dad by sheer luck?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the yellow is a nationalist thing, in honor of the French armed services.

    • Like you said, they don’t enjoy riding motorcycles, for them it’s more of a image thing. Who needs a functional motorcycles as long as you look the part.

    • Yellow lights are historic for France. They were required, from the 1930s up until 1993, and are still legal on vehicles made before ’93.

      In general, France bashing is uncalled for. But feel free to piss on these posers. No doubt they’re having the time of their lives, but I would feel better if they would refrain from looking so douche-y while the do it.

  2. Tres bien, I luuurved zem all, sooo chic et bootifool. All rather cool I must admit and some kushti sickles but I’m from Sussex England and if it ain’t from Sussex it’s bollocks. Especially Bonaparte’s mates.

  3. Well, you americans would be surprised, but most of these bikes are used everyday. Mainly to go to work, because metro sucks, bus is hell, and a car just gets you stuck; so you take the bike; And a vintage bike is not in any way a problem : my mates at the job ride everyday:
    – One650 XS yamaha
    – Two new Bonnevilles and an old one
    – Two old yam XT 500’s
    – Two old beemers, a Series 6 and a GS 800
    – One Royal enfield Bullet
    …And there are 11 other bikes, newer ones:Bike riding in european cities is just a very sensible and practical thing to do, and if you care about your look, who cares? They just look very average young french big city guys.

  4. Two BMWs with jap (Honda and Kawasaki) tanks? Is that a new trend too?

    “Ma moto le moteur a besoin de nouveaux segments de piston.” @ 1:14

  5. Poor old Steve McQueen, he gets dragged into these kind of lifestyle things all the time. Wonder what he would make of it all?

    I guess this lot just like posing. They are pretty good at marketing, I’ll say that but I wouldn’t dare ride any of those old bikes… a complete bunch of shitters.

    • Ye never went to Paris, dude… 99km in a city like Paris takes a load of time and shifting gear, highway boy!

      • I’ve been to europe and toured around on motorcycles, including major cities. Stop trying to make 60 miles sounds like it’s some major thing, it’s not.

      • Highway boy! Ha, ha, apologies for wanting to ride on decent, fast flowing roads or country back roads and not spend all day going from one traffic light to another. And I have ridden around Paris!

  6. I gotta say, this is one of the better videos posted on here. These guys at least look authentic; this is Paris, France, after all. There are a lot of cool bikes in this video: Vincents, Nortons, Triumphs, BSAs, etc. Yes, most of the riders are dressed like American Hipsters, but I don’t think that label can be applied to anyone outside of North America. I know this is nothing more than an ad for Ralph Lauren, but be honest, if someone called you up to be in a motorcycle video for a major brand, would you really say “no?”

  7. Oh god, I thought I recognized guys from Blitz Motorcycles. A bunch of knob-heads that don’t know shit about building bikes. I’ve got stories…

      • Well, I went down to the Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz from Germany a few weekends back (fuck me, I do enjoy well-built unpretentious custom bikes, and there were many there). These Blitz guys were there in full force though.
        For one thing, there was a group ride on one day, and one of the Blitz guys (I’m fairly certain the guy in the tan vest on the left of the gif in your post) somehow elected himself the leader of the group (even though everyone had roadbooks and knew where we were going). He was encouraging everyone else to speed and run redlights in the city, and waiting at every turn, then blasting through traffic, driving on the wrong side of the road and shit, to pass the group and direct everyone where to go, rinse and repeat.
        Also, they were one of those shops give a “carte blanche” by BMW to customize a nineT, which they unveiled at the fest. The whole thing was a disgrace, really, and everyone was talking about it. You can see details of the bullshit here. The front wheel wasn’t even centred, and the tires were too big for the forks and touching both sides. The rear wheel was close enough to the spring that I think it would touch under any serious compression. Everything held on with cable ties, shitty as fuck welds, and nothing straight, and generally just looked like they threw it together in a weekend. Of course, they got rid of the airbox and replaced with some pod filters, but forgot they need an intake pressure sensor, so they just cut a hole in the left-hand pod and hot glued the sensor in. This is only a small part of it, the longer and closer you looked, the more bullshit you found.
        I actually overhead a pair of BMW corporate PR guys at the unveiling arguing in the open over how bullshit it was, in good detail.
        I saw another of their bikes, some sort of single-cylinder scrambler (maybe SR500), with the same level of detail. It was lifted for the scrambler style, but instead of new rear suspension, they just pulled the damper rod out as far as it would go, and added another 2 inches or so cut off some other spring underneath the original spring with like a 2mm plate between. The colours of the additional springs didnt even match the originals. Also, the rear brake fluid reservoir was touching the rear springs. There was a lot more on that I can’t remember.

        • That’s very interesting man. I’d always wondered if these guys are good bike builders… I guess they’re just very shrewd brand managers, and if they can fleece some gullible posers out of a bit of cash then more power to them… I think?

  8. You know that group passed some French 2-wheeled commuter or some guy riding to a business meeting who was muttering under his helmet: “Poseurs de merde”

    Actually, a good part of me would love to go on a ride like that. Get a couple of friends and be there in regular motorcycle gear, with full-face helmets, no designer clothes, etc. just to mitigate the pretension quotient.

  9. The climax in that vid to be seen at 3.10 – the inverted RL tattoo on one´s back of his hand. This must be ReaL – I´m converted. err, wait a second, perhaps, oommphh, I dunno…

  10. I disagree with the negativity here. Anytime people get together to ride motorcycles it’s cool with me. Whether it’s hells angels, bunch of senior citizens, or stylish frenchIes. Looked like fun to me.

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