The dudes at Revzilla are stealing our shtick! Hey guys if you haven’t noticed my name ends is Esq. that means I’m a lawyer, and I can practice law in several small central American countries. Send us free stuff (list of gear will be emailed) or we’ll sue!

P.S. I do a pretty good Anthony impression, “Hey thisisanthontywithrevzillatv where you can WATCH, DECIDE & RIDE”

33 thoughts on “Revzilla

    • No Anthony I love, you don’t know how many late nights I’ve spent watching your videos.
      (that doesn’t sound right)

      • That sounded gross. I hope you washed your hands.

        Anyway, thanks for the nod. Don’t be a stranger if you’re ever in Philly. Don’t worry we still think you have the market cornered on square-rimmed, fixed-gear, non-riding, snark.

        • Oh hey look, it’s the guy who convinces me to buy a pair of motorcycle specific underwear after watching 3 hours of RevZilla and 47 introductions while sitting in my spongebob pajamas getting cheeto dust all over my keyboard.

          HEYYYthisisAnthony, whereyoucanwatch DECIDEanndRIIIDE ***gloves, camera shutter, boots, camera shutter, cool logo and other animated shit vroooom vvvroom vrrooooooom.

          I hope your coworkers understand that your salesmanship is the reason why I get suckered into buying stuff from you guys and not somewhere else. By the way, I don’t own spongebob PJs and I never eat cheetos, but the story image was just irresistible.

          • Anthony Bucci? Is that the Jersey Shore wannabe guy in the imitation Affliction t-shirts from those stupid “RevZilla” videos? “Watch, decide, and ride.” Nice catch phrase you homo.

  1. The motorcycling fraternity (the real one) is starting to pick up on this shit everywhere. About time too. I give this whole hipster thing another year, tops. Beards and stupid retro glasses have now been very thoroughly absorbed into the mainstream, prompting art school crowd to lose interest. Soon.

    • Wow, that’s terrible news. Who are we going to ridicule next? Hipsters just don’t seem to be up for a ruck. Great to bully.
      What about French base jumpers?
      I hear they like to look after themselves, physically and sartorially.
      They must think they’re cool, they’re French!
      They probably carry stillettos and do kickboxing I wager.

      They’d have to! They’re base jumpers!

      I remember when bas jumping was just called suicide, now it’s been ruined by these cunts.

      I hate them.

      Motorcycling fraternity? Where? Slough?

      • If and when a cultural phenomenon occurs in which ‘wannabe’ base jumpers start making self-indulgent videos that elevate BASE jumping to some sort of art-lifestyle-philosophy complex, and relentlessly posting contrived photos of BASE jumping paraphernalia casually arranged on a dimly lit workbench on Instagram, and others try to crowdfund the launch of their own overpriced BASE jumping lifestyle clothing brand without ever having actually done a BASE jump, it will be extremely tempting to ridicule them. I will, however, respectfully leave that to the real BASE jumpers, but I’ll be sure to visit regularly as I await the death of gen Y’s latest, stupid, image-obsessed fad that completely misses the point.

    • Met a guy last week bragging about doing 110 in town on a GXR but got it stolen after a month with no license or insurance. I learned to fix up a 30 year old CB this year. Guess I’m a hipster.

      • True. It’s interesting that people who fetishize clearly overpowered bikes (meant to impress others) and pieces of plastic equipment that they consider to be “high tech,” making fun of others who arguably experience a more grass roots approach to riding.

      • If you want to self identify as one, that’s all on you. You seem to confuse us making fun of dickheads as us hating anyone with an old bike, I’ve owned 2 CBs, they’re neat little bikes.

      • Oh and there are more choices than the 2 you present, perhaps you’re not aware but you can choose to be something besides a total squid on a gixxer or a smug asshole on a CB 😀

        • Whether it’s a douche in race replica leathers on a bike with twice as much power as he/she can handle, a hipster douche on a CB with blacked out wheels, or an accountant dressed up like a low life biker from 1972, the fact is that a poser is a poser is a poser, and if you dress and ride to show off then you worthy of ridicule.

          Of course the more seriously these groups take themselves the more they more they are asking for it…

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