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Here is another old post, we’re gonna repost.

Here is yet another commercial for some jeans, this time a bunch of funemployed mechanics take a ride from London to Biarritz, a beach resort in the south of France.

Why is it when one of these groups of perfectly coiffed chin hair enthusiasts get together to shoot a video, one of them inevitably has to turn some wrenches? It’s usually on the side of the road and always in range of a fancy camera. Do these denim engineers not check this shit before they leave home? Has no one figured out how to sell Loctite to hipsters?

Hey Loctite marketing dept, this is how you sell to these beardos,

1. Change your name to “Old Pappy’s Hold Em Serum” in a swooshy font

2. Make your product available in pomade tins

3. Charge $50 for it

4. Make it available in coffee shops.

Boom! We’ll be expecting our check in the mail.



Bandanna is a totally viable replacement for a front fender you guys.

Other highlights:




21 thoughts on “Repost: Biarrich

  1. That post is not that old ? if you stuck just post a slow motion video of a naked girl jack hammering or something .. that type of thing is timeless and awesome

  2. They wouldn’t need to constantly pull over and wrench on their bikes if they knew how to put a bike together properly in the first place. Jut sayin’…

  3. Okay, I’m new to bikes and in the middle of restoring my first one. What would actually need to happen to make these guys have to wrench on the side of the road?

    • Loose, poor fitting parts, incorrectly installed items, poorly thought out “modifications” assembly of bike while not following a manual or general know how. Like putting the master link on the wrong way or not ensuring the clip is snapped in place (it really should be riveted)
      The way they mounted a “custom” tank, probably with no more than two fasteners. Anything done wrong. The other things too are improper maintenance of the bike so cables or chains left unoiled or adjusted, loose spokes, loose parts in general that rattle and damage things. Poor wiring, shorted wiring, poorly routed oil and fuel line, maladjusted ignitions or ignitions that are in need of service, you name it.

  4. Thank you for this informative video. Now I know I need a taped black “X” on my headlight. I will wear a bandana under my full-face helmet to look more bad-ass, and I will buy some expensive retro goggles to sit uselessly on the crown of my retro off-road helmet while I wear my Ray-Bans.

    • I’m Not sure what classifies these guys as hipsters.. It looks to me like they’re just having fun riding for the day. I’ve been riding for about 10 years, and more times than I can count, someone has had an issue on the side of the road. So let the wrenching thing go! Who cares what they ride or wear over they’re face, they are riding all the same. I live in the Midwest and Corn fields equal bugs and with no helmet law. I don’t wear one. But a bandana over the face has come in handy more than a few times. The bandana replacing the fender thing… Seen that many times years ago. I don’t get it but who cares, It seems to me, you guys are complaining, just cause you can. I expected something rediculous given the hipster title and all but honestly the only thing ridiculous is your peoples attitudes to the whole video. I ride to be free and have fun, and it looks like that’s what I’m seeing in the video. Not sure why you guys ride or even if you do, maybe you just blog about hipster shit, crying about petty things. Stop complaining and ride.

      • A guy who doesn’t wear a helmet but wears a bandanna doesn’t understand why we made fun of this video, what a shock!!

      • Whoa bro you totally schooled me. I will never be mean to hipsters again. Just one question: do I need to drink PBR beer?

        • I could careless who your “mean” too! I’m still not understanding what qualifies these guys as hipsters. And I do not wear a bandana around my head like all the big “badass” Harley riders. I said I’ve used one to keep shit outta my face. A real rider knows how that works. Try riding once in awhile, instead of being a douche. It sounds like your a little butt hurt about something. Did your girl leave you for a guy with a beard and black rimmed glasses? Let me guess, they rode off together on a CB750 with bubble tires. You probably ride a crotch rocket if you even ride at all.

          • Wow. So much jealousy that some of us actually like to laugh. And not the fake kind of laughing done for a “Film”. It sure gets funny when the longest posts are from hipsters complaining about people complaining (While suggesting that the complainers don’t ride enough).

            Who knew that hipsters were such a bitter lot?

            Thanks again for the laughs. If it weren’t so funny, I’d think that the crybabies were just sockpuppets to generate comments.

            What would an authentic hipster sockpuppet look like, anyway?

            • It’s ok that you all secretly love hipsters, look in the mirror little puppet. your consuming your lives with online blogging secretly hiding your erections while posting bitter comments. Your funny! I enjoy fueling your fire.. Carry on!

              • Can you get a friend (Sorry if that’s asking too much) with a DSLR to produce a flim on your angst? If you don’t have a real tasty motorbike, just make a full sized cardboard cutout of one for the background. While you’re at it, make some cardboard cutouts of some artisinal beard oil inventory, for that authentic shoppe look.

                Fresh material from stale hipsters is always funny…

          • I dunno who you’re talking to, the commentators or us but either way you’re out of your depth lil buddy, give it a rest.

  5. As always, while riding my unmodified serial KTM and wearing my profane racing leather suit, I’m still loooking forward to find such a hipster group travelling down the road.
    I would back up them, waiting for a curvy road part and then overtake them, one after the other, each one in a curve, some on the inner lane, some on the outer lane, just to make them look what they are in reality – slow pussies and motorcyclist mocks.
    But it’s a pitty – as of today, I’ve never seen a single one of them riding their bikes on curvy roads in real life – just in posh movies.
    Might be, because I don’t care for the appropriate camera-pleasing light conditions, when I’m using my motorcycle for a fast ride … or their camera teams always block the whole road for filming purposes and then load the trendy vehicles in vans again as soon as the shots are taken …

    • PS: My favourite shirt print says
      “I’m not a biker. I ride a real motorcycle”
      in orange letters on the black shirt.
      Maybe I should change it to
      “I’m neither a biker nor a hipster. I just ride a real motorcycle”

  6. Sounds like somebody’s just getting pissed off over an efficient marketing campaign…which is a pretty hipster thing to do…

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