Rage trippers

Readers have submitted videos from these guys before (link) but we gave them a pass, because despite their stupid helmets they had not ruined the bikes they were riding. So I was sort of expecting the same when this video came our way. Boy, was I wrong.

This starts out with the same dumb helmets and admittedly cool bikes. Then, the 230 Benz comes into view and it goes off the rails, fast. I was already kind of annoyed/jealous that these douches had a bevel drive Ducati so the car only incensed me more. Then I saw the guy with the fucking mustache and the Polaroid camera, the music began to sting my ears. By the time they pulled up to the picnic table I could feel the veins in my neck throbbing. The rage began to consume me.

My blood boils at the sight of that carefully cluttered table, my skin has entirely slid off my face and I can feel the flames jetting from my nose and ear holes. Imagine a bespoke leather gloved fist smashing into an immaculately waxed mustache over and over for all eternity, that’s my dream, that’s my nightmare. When they start juggling peaches, I have already become death, destroyer of worlds.



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  1. On a serious note, I looked at their website I can not for the life of me figure out how these guys make money. http://stagheadmoto.com/ Anyone out there know what they really do? I doubt it’s “Purveying” fine motorcycles.

  2. Yes…. That is Nick Huber, who makes a living as a serious mechanic on serious German automobiles at Huber Imports…and John Christenson who is I believe, a well known professional photographer. They both actually DO shit and MAKE shit on a high level. They’re in MN. There’s a very good chance your sponsor , Andy, knows these people.

    Nick built that Ducati… As well as several other machines. I venture to guess that’s his car. He does very very good work and the bikes get *ridden*. Those people in the video might look like models etc… But they’re all ‘real people’. The lovely blonde is Nick’s wife who is a stylist and the dog is theirs. Etc.

    While the video is well done… I can understand the bit of lifestyle doucheyness it might give off if you didn’t know the people. I’m not sure exactly what Staghead really is, as far as a business…. Don’t know Nick’s plans… But whatever he puts his mind to he will be successful.

    I’m not defending them… I have no particular allegiance to them. But, out of all the stuff you are showing…. These are probably some of the more real and professionally capable people you’ve “featured”. The rest is, of course, a taste argument. And opinions are opinions, etc. and everyone is entitled to theirs.

    PS. Not sure what your issue is with Davidas, except that they of course don’t offer maximum protection, etc. But…. They’re less fucking ridiculous than most the hipster biker open face bullshit you’ve been showing…. So why not make a point about those decorative coasters. I’ve been hit while wearing a Davidas and wax cotton jacket.. And got lucky… But frankly, they certainly both did their job about as well as my Aerostich and full face would have at the city traffic speed where it occurred. There’s all kinds of gear…. And they were wearing more fear than a lot of the other ‘trades your showing.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Not defending your post but allow me to compose a multi paragraph essay attempting to defend every point of this video. Are you getting paid for this post? Some sort of hipster brand identity protection racket? Keep up the good work.

    • I’ll take your word that these folks are who you say they are. If they really act the way they are portrayed in this video, then they deserve all the ridicule they are getting. If they do not – then they deserve more.

  3. Davidas helmets are “Less fucking ridiculous than most of the hipster biker open face bullshit…”? A manufacturer who stresses that their helmet “does not conform to any current helmet safety certification.”

    Say what you will about the idiots parading around with a Bell Custom 500 on their head, but at least its god a fucking DOT sticker on it.

    I won’t even go into the rest of your non-defense of these real and professionally capable people.

    • Why not?
      I mean… *Really*…. I’d love to hear what kind of real knowledge and experience you’ve got to back up your anonymous ranting.

      (My ranting isn’t anonymous. On purpose. I’d at least like to think I have earned my opinions in whole or at least in part… But who knows?)

      I am really hoping that you guys know your shit… Cause I really enjoy the overall backlash of the whole “hipster bullshit” thing that is “on-trend”. I dig what you are doing…. But would like even more social commentary to add more depth and or substance. It will only make it that much sweeter if you guys were actually experienced, knowledgeable and maybe not anonymous.

      If people are going to hate what I have to say… They better at least be able to credit me properly.

      Stephen Pate

  4. I don’t want to ride my British bike now. I might be painted with the hipster brush. Hopefully my full face flip front lid makes me unhip?

  5. I literally fell asleep halfway through this video. My girlfriend watched it and simply said any man wearing a mustache like that is either gay, a virgin or a fucking idiot… Or all three :)

  6. You can tell it is fake – they take a 70’s Ducati out in the rain. No way would that have stayed running long enough to make the picnic.

  7. Many of the previous videos posted here were funny. As well as the commentary. However this particular load of shit has caused me to go to the nearest branch of the state department and ask for each one of these jackasses to be exiled to France where they can wax their moustaches and swill wine to their hearts content.
    I have been cheated out of 3 minutes and thirteen seconds of my life. The oh so hip and funky music in the background will tear at my soul for eternity. Poverty, crime, corrupt politicians, and heavy corporate lobbying is not what’s wrong with America, no, what is wrong with America is this indelible load of elephant shit foisted upon us!

    The vanity of these vermin is obscene. They are purveyors of motorcycles, yet in 3:13 of video we see just a few seconds of grainy footage of vintage bikes, and then a whole bunch of time watching them weave down a country road in an old ramshackle clunker, once again exposing the viewer to the crackling and choking lyrics of the hipster black keys cover band. All the while watching a small group of emaciated hipsters and their chic thrift store style clothing laugh and giggle having oh so much fun, oh yes, it’s so much fun.


  8. I see it as a measurement of success to get ripped on by the safety police here at BHBV. They were probably the kid(s) on your block who had the orange flag on their bicycle, wore a helmet and wouldn’t hit the plywood jump on the sidewalk.

    So rock that novelty helmet and single compound Firestone tires! Because it’s dangerous, and danger is cool. If you make it onto the BHBV’s radar, you’re doing it right.

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  10. It’s a futha fuckin’ cow. So what! Don’t point at it. Matters not. Unless it’s lumbering into the road, who the fuck cares?
    But at those hipster speeds, I guess it’s not a problem.
    Buncha gawd damn clowns.

  11. bla bla bla…
    bullshitting all the way!

    u guys post something u don’t like… and the following crowd gets hilarious!

    well, i actually like most of your videos/comments…
    but in this case, i saw no hipsteric bullshit here!

    ok… their looks… their acting… their wear… it’s a lil gayish…
    but wtf!
    who cares!

    i hate that hipster move…
    but these r not hipsters.

    u r just turning a bit into gayphobic.. don’t u think??

    u should add that on the blog’s title!

    and artphobic too!
    that, u r 100%!!

    cheers mofos
    keep up the good work
    and post some real hipsteric bullshit

    • Are you aware that punctuation, capitalization, complete words and sentences exist? You should try using them sometime.

  12. Wow this an annoying one to get throught did anyone else want to tie these guys together and shoot them with air pistols … then take there ladies down the hill for the best 12 seconds of there lives

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  14. The funny thing is if you leave a message on their Vimeo page calling out how this video has all the standard Hipster elements (polaroid pictures, retro glasses, waxed ‘staches, cloying veneer of inauthenticty) which completely cancel out how cool old bikes are, they delete it. C’mon, a “vintage motorcycle _lifestyle_”? Please!

  15. For a man who actually loves the looks of a well made Cafè/Brat bike, it pains me to read how neatly you strike the the nail on it’s head.

    At my first encounter of “Beard Oil”, it had me reciting Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief. The generic “self made working-class” hipster movement draws away from the achievmentes of some great bikebuilders.

    Your bhagavad gita quote had me “lmao” so hard i had to start squating and drinking protein shakes.

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