Profound bullshit

Everyone and their mother submitted this video to us. We’ve been kind of stumped for ideas, couldn’t come up with anything mean or smug enough to say about this one. We couldn’t really pin it down because the bullshit in this video is so abstract and ephemeral, it’s like being lost in a fog of bullshit.

We don’t really even understand it, our best guess is it’s some film school kids padding their resumes.

”Yeah, I was post prod director on Blood and Oil.  Oh, you didn’t see that?  Yeah, it was kind of underground.”

However we just feel like it should be seen, it produces more douche chills per second than anything we’ve seen. If anyone out there can explain to us what the fuck this video is about, we’d appreciate it.

Cringe worthy pic of the day


Have you ever wanted to buy used shitty helmets at new helmet prices? Well here is your chance, we’re not even sure this site is real, maybe it’s a parody site like The Onion or something, no one can be this stupid, right?

Highlights include this most likely crash damaged helmet for $200

Reader Questions

“How do I make sure I don’t turn into one of these guys? I have a closet full of plaid and I’m a design student. Is it too late? Help me please :'(“


I dunno bro, don’t get us twisted, try to fuck as many hipster girls as you can!

As for advice, I would say try to learn to enjoy riding  motorcycles instead of sweating over what they look like or if a bike really expresses who you are, don’t be a bitch basically.

Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.



Taking a break from bashing hipsters, to talk about the wonderful world of custom motorcycle builders.

I don’t know where to really start, oh wait I do know where to start. Fuck custom motorcycles! Seriously if I see one more bike with stupid ass balloon tires, clipons 2 inches from the tank or a cool old British bike turned into a hard tail chop, I’m gonna lose my shit.

I hear you say “but man they’re not really meant to be ridden” to which I will reply, fuck you! Stop making unrideable motorcycles.

Go look at the pipeburn bike of the year to see what you have wrought.

Rear Admiral Ginger Neckstubble III

Rear admiral ginger neckstubble III from down under, professional webdev and motorhead leather jacket owner, describes how he removed the 70s headlight taillight and handlebars from his bike so he could put a 70s headlight taillight and handlebars on his bike. Well, almost, because he forgot the mounting bolt for the headlight. Headlight is literally pointed at a different angle in almost every shot.

Art School

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Four years, thousands of dollars of his parent’s money, late nights studying. Finally he has earned that degree in Fine Arts he’s been working so hard on. His first work after getting out of school: a piece of performance art where he moves to Austin and pretends to be a greasy motorcycle toughguy.

Reader Questions

“What’s your problem man? You sound more pretentious than anyone in these videos. You act like these people have all this expensive shit and then turn around and point out how shitty their bikes are and how they don’t have “proper gear”. Fuck your proper gear man I’ll ride shirtless with no helmet if I damn well please. And then I’ll drink Starbucks cause it tastes good and piss it on your faster than light bike.”


LOL I want to lick the tears from this guy’s face.