Here is yet another commercial for some jeans, this time a bunch of funemployed mechanics take a ride from London to Biarritz, a beach resort in the south of France.

Why is it when one of these groups of perfectly coiffed chin hair enthusiasts get together to shoot a video, one of them inevitably has to turn some wrenches? It’s usually on the side of the road and always in range of a fancy camera. Do these denim engineers not check this shit before they leave home? Has no one figured out how to sell Loctite to hipsters?

Hey Loctite marketing dept, this is how you sell to these beardos,

1. Change your name to “Old Pappy’s Hold Em Serum” in a swooshy font

2. Make your product available in pomade tins

3. Charge $50 for it

4. Make it available in coffee shops.

Boom! We’ll be expecting our check in the mail.



Bandanna is a totally viable replacement for a front fender you guys.

Other highlights:




We’re getting free shit

Aerostich logo 2012

The guys at Aerostich got in touch with us, said they like what we are doing, and would like to put an ad on our website.  We agree, we like what we’re doing.  We were promised free t-shirts in return; this internet hate business sure is lucrative.

So if for any irrational whim of a reason you decide your $200 hoodie  and gardening gloves  aren’t going to save you from a 40mph lowside into a shrub due to your hardtail XS400 not being able to maintain traction over a pothole in a turn you entered too fast because you have no front brake, you might consider a step up to some of this gear.

Every old guy I know that rides, has a Aerostich suit.  Old guys are wily, they know what’s up.   Some of us are AARP — I mean BMW club — members, so we can confirm that Aerostich is legit stuff.

They also offer the best iPhone app on the market to support your riding habit.

Here’s their site:

Feel Good Friday

Parking lot stunna videos can get a bit boring and repetitive, but when the stunnas are a bunch of kids from India, throwing up wheelies in turbans?  How can you not love this shit.  This video comes to you courtesy of “Club RPM” where the RPM stands for Ruling Powerful Machines, in case you were wondering.   Their Ruling Powerful 125cc bikes and Vespa knock off scooters are all they need to have a good time.

This video also proves that no matter where you are in the world, a Raiders starter jacket is the preferred uniform of badasses.



Dirt bag track

We’ve been seeing a lot of hipster videos with dirt track shit in them.  Most dirt track people I know tend to be country dudes with F-250s who ride CRFs.  Picturing these postmodern nitwits in  their vintage cosplay rubbing elbows with the regular bros made us laugh.

Maybe they can have a special class for these artists. A class where using an appropriate machine to get around the track quickly is replaced by hoping you look quirky and carefree enough on your shitty bike that strangers will instagram you. Trophy goes to the guy with the most likes.

We suspect this entire trend can be tracked back to the fact that On Any Sunday is on NetFlix now.  Way to go, Bruce Brown!

What happens when hipsters co-opt your hobby?

1. Girls in their 20’s show up (once)

2. Guys ask you what your vimeo username is

3. The pits smell less like 2-stroke exhaust and more like hair product

4. You start getting $1500 offers on your 1982 DR125 with no carb that’s worth $200 at most

5. Each new guy brings his own videographer and sound man

 Guess we didn’t really say much about this video, so here, have a highlight. This fucking guy.


Greasy Hand Pretenders


They have rediscovered the virtues of “savoir-faire”, the pleasure of building something tangible by seizing control of a method of production fit for their level and, above all, the satisfaction of understanding what they are doing.” – their kickstarter (seriously read it, it’s hilarious)

Connoisseurs of vintage facial hair using Marxist language to talk about their rich guy hobby.  Their next task in bringing about their worker’s paradise will surely be seizing the means of production at whatever studio makes the vintage film effects for Final Cut Pro.

This homage to working with your hands is funded by indie homebrew companies such as BMW, Motul, and the Venture Capitalist who owns Belstaff, but they need your help to finish.

Despite all the craftsmen talk, no one in this video produces anything  but unrideable art motorcycles, or vintage bullshit to be used in commercials for clothing lines.*

30 years from now will the idiots of the future be attempting to capture the working class chic of the early 2000’s? Will there be young graphic artists wearing hi-viz construction vests trying to install D&D cans on Gixxer 600s?



* we debated whether RSD belongs in this group or not.


Feel Good Friday: Lockk9

Time to share another video we actually enjoy, nothing as authentic and retro as some guy with a beard sharing his passion for turning a wrench in slow mo with dramatic lighting, but it’s pretty cool.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Lockk9 by now, his channel on youtube is very popular. This guy spends tons of time and effort compiling great videos from the Isle of Man TT and the rest of the Irish Road Racing series. Check out the rest of his channel, the IOM TT videos are great but mass start Irish Road Racing stuff is just nuts.

Beckham gets paid to eat dirt

This video and Belstaff’s ‘pure motorcycle’ site both look like borderline satire.  We dare you not to laugh at the faces their models make.

Poor Dave.  He’s not happy, you can see it on his face; his agent really got him into a situation here that he’s not at all comfortable with. He’s having to ride a 500lb BMW with clubman bars and no seat across a corn field, getting mud constantly flung in his face. Then he barely gets a break lying in the dirt holding a canteen cup wistfully before he’s got to help the rich yups load the bikes back onto the trailer.  We feel bad for you, Dave. Wish we could give you a hug.

This is almost sad, both Belstaff and Beckham were former greats in their respective fields. Now their reputations are being used by shithead marketing gurus to sell you expensive junk.


  • Burnouts in the dirt, which are fast becoming a staple in these videos
  • $2,000 trousers (Link)
  • This gif


Lawrence of Arabia rolls over in his grave

Royal Enfield joins Harley and BMW in the hunt for youthful but stylishly malnourished customers. They’ve opted for the cafe racer/ton-up boys route. However, as some of us own and ride Enfields we can tell you they won’t go much over 70. The subject of the film seems to be the relaunching of The East India company by art school graduates. Their safety gear suggests they have adopted the spiritual principle of reincarnation.  So we decided to offer some alternative slogans for this video/campaign:

“The Enfield Continental: A personal chauffeur for your Ray-Bans and Selvedge jeans”

“The Enfield Continental: For when you and your male model friends need to ride to Sri Lanka but a BMW is too gauche.”

“Royal Enfield: The Colonial Nostalgia Expedition”

“29 horsepower was good enough 50 years ago, it’s good enough for today”

“Lawrence of Arabia rolls in his grave, the video”