Real fake

Fake bike shop selling fake bike gear. Fake barber shop doing fake shaves. Fake bar with fake bartender with fake mustache selling fake drinks in fake glasses. The surfboards might be real, I dunno anything about surfing.

P.S. stop using motorcycles as fashion accessories to sell your stupid shit to dummies.


a deep insightful and self-reflective video of some bearded assholes taking turns kicking one guy in the ass while he tries to urinate on the side of the road.  in sepia tone.

We watched this video together, here are some quotes from our conversation.

“are you fucking shitting me it’s got 5 minutes to go and they’re doing credits”

” i just imagine myself sitting next to these assholes while they talk like they do in the video and interrupting them loudly saying fuck you over and over”

“because these motherfuckers are taking motorcycling,  and turning it  into this fucking aesthetic drama festival with pseudo-intellectual bullshit and old super 8 cameras they dug out of dads attic”

“motherfucker you don’t ride unless there’s a goddamn iphone pointed at you”

“every SINGLE ONE with a 3/4 sparkly helmet and horn rimmed sunglasses, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE”

Oh boy

There would be nothing wrong with this video if it wasn’t for the narration. IN reality its a video of some nice white gentlemen going on a ride sponsored by Honda, Icon and a bunch of other companies. However the narration adds so much pretense and bullshit to the video that it’s unwatchable.