Here is a grown man who thinks skulls look bad ass and calls riding a motorcycles a “lifestyle”. Fuck this earth forever.

Art Gallery Gang

iPods feeding vacuum tube amps is the hipsteriest thing I’ve seen all day

This video is a perfect representation of what these people love: Being rich and white, treating motorcycles like some art project and putting them in art galleries, fancy food and drink, taking pictures, standing around being dull as shit.

That artist guy is p legit though, I would buy one of those paintings if I had the money.


Someone should teach that blonde guy how to fasten his helmet strap. Other than that, this video has used its lowest-bidder cafe bikes, 3 clapped out CB350s to good effect.

Strip away the mood lighting and music and you’d have 3 nerds in costumes riding around on boring motorcycles. With a combined total of maybe 70 HP ?? I’ll take over under bets :)