Normally we’d insult these guys and their helmets and their bikes  but these dudes aim so low and land even lower, how can you do anything but pity them?  Even for cx500 owners, they’re underachievers. I just wanna give them a hug.

Side note: These guys seem new to being hipsters, they’re amateurs when it comes to pretense. No fancy camera shots, no filters, hardly any facial hair, no mentions of how they feel connected to the bike. They didn’t use the word soul even once! Poor show fellas, get your game up.


Srs post this time.  We here, as dudes, enjoy looking at a woman shaking her ass in short shorts as much as anyone.  But have some dignity and respect [for your own gender in this case] and don’t try to pass it off as serious women riding seriously.

What you see are cute girls going out of their way to look sexually appealing on camera, with a few bikes thrown in.  As we’ve pointed out rudely before, real riders wear real gear. Not yoga pants and tank tops.

You’ll see virtually none of that here.  The only exception that stood out obviously was a couple quick shots of a lady doing some land speed record runs at Bonneville.  Yeah, that’s legit.  Here’s another example of a woman rider:  She rode around the world solo.  She didn’t wave her legs around, bend over, and then ride across a bridge.  She wore full gear.  This did not include a bubble visor biltwell, because those are fashion accessories and not serious safety gear.  If any of the women in this video, exceptions aside, are real riders, they’re not showing it in.

They’re virtually indistinguishable from the fake titted bikini models leaning on a hardtail in any chopper magazine.  No offense to fake titted models.  They’re doing what they do.  But they’re not pretending to be feminist icons.

The point will be driven home to you if you check out some of the photos from the exhibit, to be posted here subsequently.