17 thoughts on “Open faced surgery

  1. Well, Two weeks ago I laid my Mint Condition 1982 Cb750f down at 70 mph. Full riding gear saved me from serious injuries and road rash. Walked away, More bruised ego than anything else. Full helmet, Riding jacket, gloves and boots.

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  3. I saw an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where he is riding a RYCA cafe. I immediately noticed how short his full face helmet was and how far his chin was exposed (granted he has a big chin). With his money I would have a better helmet.

  4. what’s wrong with you chickens? afraid to get injured – take a car. want to go over 70 mph – go on a race track. with all that gear and equipment in the city traffic or on public roads – you’re just as pathetic as all the hipsters

  5. donorcycle (DOH.nur.sy.kul) n. A motorcycle, particularly one that is extremely powerful and fast. Also: donor-cycle, donor cycle.
    —donorcyclist n.

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