Cafe Pacers

Let’s set the record straight: the whole cafe racer phenomenon was a very localized thing in the late 50’s early 60’s England, and all the bikes were leaky-ass British machines from the same era. Please, please, stop ruining 70’s Japanese UJMs.

These people have missed any sort of historical accuracy mark they might have aimed for.  But if on the other hand it’s really all about riding fast bikes hard as they all claim to be doing, they’re still missing the mark. I’ve owned both a Honda CB400 and CB750, and they should be appreciated for what they are, the basis for all modern 4-cylinder bikes. But while they are many things, they are by no means fast.

For all the talk of performance and “ton-up” we see in these videos we have yet to find a video in which they are actually ridden hard at all.  Instead all we see is a bunch of posturing, while trying to look old timey, and while cramming as much fashion-nonsense product placement in as possible.

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