We’re too lazy to write posts, so instead I’ll just post the description of this new Iron & Resin video. I swear this is direct from their vimeo page. Reading it feels like being hit over the head with a liberal arts diploma by a limp wristed beardo.


“Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mohave, is truly a spectacle to behold. Packing a few essentials, we left our home and made a hasty retreat across the inland sprawl of Southern California and into another world seeking refuge and adventure. Rugged mountains of twisted rock and exposed granite monoliths testify to the tremendous earth forces that shaped and formed this land. Joshuatrees standing sentinel, with up stretched arms resolute against the unrelenting sun. Here the golden hour seemed to last forever and we scrambled over boulders, hiked endless rivers of sand, and rode our desert sleds into electrifying sunsets.

Nights were spent under a full moon, huddled in the welcome chill around a fire, sharing whiskey and a meal among good friends. And like the desert creatures that make this place their home, we too found refuge under the desert sky. Our Spring 2015 collection is inspired by our adventures in the Mojave Desert. Yucca, buckwheat, allysum, and juniper along with the arroyos , granite and desert varnish form an impressionistic landscape of color against a brilliant sky.

For our Spring line, you’ll find rich, desert washed hues, bands of color, heavy washes and custom wovens that tell our story through color and texture and silhouettes with a style nod to our western heritage. Goods designed for rambling and wandering in a world where refuge is available for those willing to discover it.”


18 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. I’ve got nothing against someone who can’t afford a newer machine grabbing an old 70’s bike, “making it their own” by removing the fenders and putting on antique technology tires, and having “adventures” on it. When they write bile-producing prose about how this makes them somehow unique, and one with the earth, etc, however, is where I draw the line.

    In their defense, no serious motorcyclist would buy their products, so they know exactly who they’re marketing to, and this vid seems to be right on the money for the beardo crowd.

  2. nice BB Gun.I imagine it will be awesome firepower in that environment.
    …perhaps the simulated wood grain stock compliments your buckwheat
    and juniper so arduously collected during this epic journey,as you white
    wash the arroyos with the splatter of your pretentious bullshit.I wonder
    how “desrt varnish” fits in… that lifted from a MinWax stain brochure?

  3. And,it’s a downright shame that those Triumph twins end up
    as unwitting victims in the hands of such idiots-to quote the
    great Slim Pickens from Blazing Saddles…”I Am Depressed!”

  4. hmmm…….logo……..boat anchor………

    is there a little similarity there?

    I feel like I’m observing the ape here. Why did they film that kid digging a hole near his tent? The one rule of camping: don’t shit where you sleep.

    And would someone PLEASE put some pants on those chicks? Squids are guilty of this shit too. All it takes is one throttle blip and slip and the deusche moto is down—she’s picking gravel out the ‘ole butthole.

  5. Yeah…nothing like a perfectly sculpted ass covered in
    open lacerations.My friends and I will be right over with
    the gasoline,plastic scrub brush, and needle vise grips
    (for the big chunks of gravel)

  6. Cringe… I hate to admit that I live in the town where Iron & Resin is based. Frankly, I don’t understand how I&R stays in business. As for the willowy half-nekkid chicks, they are sweet eye candy but riding bare legged in short shorts is fundamentally very stupid. Indeed “very stupid” certainly applies to just about all the activities shown in this video. Including firing A BB gun in the direction of a dwelling as well as into the air. That’s stupid, unsafe, and irresponsible. But I guess those are qualities that the Beardo hipsters want to cultivate – – being stupid, unsafe, and irresponsible. I laugh at this whole vid knowing that those ratty bikes were trailered to the location.

  7. Well Paul,sorry that you have to share the same neck o’ the woods as
    I&R….they probably exist on account of some rich guy spreading funds
    out on an investor’s advice,or,like the asshole owners of the massive
    car and/or motorcycle franchise chains,just another ego exercise.With
    monied folk it sometimes takes form of a traditional pissing contest.Not
    to worry….you’ll be happily esconced in your town Long after these guys
    shutter the store(which can’t happen soon enough by all indications)!!

    • -and I did a look at their site,to find to my complete disgust
      that they have used images of Steve McQueen, AND that
      of Dr.Hunter S.Thompson.Now those were two of the more
      genuine to themself,Non Bullshit guys.And these phoney
      cretins are basically using them to make a fast buck.Those
      two Men are probably now turning in their respective resting
      places,as well as throwing up.Most of the idiots tied into that
      abortion of an exercise haven’t got a clue about what those
      guys really did,and stood for in their principles…fucking sad.

  8. I assume that Iron & Resin is a money laundering operation for the Hipster Mafia.

    Also, it’s spelled “Mojave” and “Joshua Trees” so it’s obvious they are not Southern California natives.

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