It this real? This video almost seems too good to be true, it this some sort of hipster honeypot? Captain Gardening Gloves here seems to think that we’ve been lied to “we’ve been misled to believe that newer is always better”. This philosophy of new not being better led them to cast off the oppressive yoke of web site hosting renewal because their site is no longer functional, however their instagram is still up and worth a look for some good chuckles.

They’re from Colorado, so I guess they must be 2nd tier hipsters and behind the curve. Don’t they know this is all over and done with? This is an amateur at best, he’s missing so many key ingredients. Where is the story from his childhood, a fanciful tale of seeing a motorcycle that sparked a love deep within his soul. No concocted soliloquy about the meaning of manual labor and the creative process. ┬áHe doesn’t even have a stable of shit box UJMs in his garage, a garage that’s lit like a bar in a french new wave movie, lit like a sex dungeon for the obese, lit like a geriatric brothel.

Anyway we haven’t posted in a while so it’s probably for the best that we return with a soft target for our dumb jokes.

16 thoughts on “Honeypot

  1. that seriously cant be real. And if it is I shall see him most probably sitting on the side of the road, tears streaming into his moustache as his ‘rebuilt’ bike burns in the background.

  2. Hell yea y’all are back!!!!! So stoked! That video was half assed at best. His film major friend who did this obviously was not paid enough in crap beer to like even care and stuff. Either that or his trust fund check came in and he has an RnineT.

  3. Amazing, they honestly believe they are mechanics just because they somehow made it kind of run.. They didnt bring them back to life, they are just molesting them until they have a massive failure and destroy, what could have been, a good bike..
    I can really imagine the ton-up boys beating the crap out of that sucker if they could, just for using a poncho as a lightweight seat.

  4. ya the honda c.b.350 he took it from 85 mph to 88 mph , maybe 89 mph if he put more tape on the headlight [ old cafe trick for more speed ] ..the hipsters just do not know when to go away ..it’s over with … just let the old bike restore guys go back to work and get the old bikes running for fun with out the trendy statement with out all the b/s hipsters and trendy , p.b.r , fools ..

    • had to watch this again .. ” i have been building cafe racers from 2010 ” wow really that sure is a long time .. and changing the bars and seat sure does make them go faster , then remove the front fender and wham look out cb-350 90 mph is close , yes we have been lied to drum brakes with a cable sure are better then dual disc… and sticky rubber also is b/s lie’s .. and do not get me started about electric start, 12 volts and shocks .. ya older is better .. thats for sure ..i even work in candle power or a drop light . who needs to see what they are doing old world craftsman feel the parts …look everyone riding old bikes is fun sure ,even the new retro is fun .. it tells us where we have come from but better ..really mr. hipster better .well i have some leaches you can use instead of ……….

  5. Judging by this vid(?),it appears that Phoney is alive and well, as far as Merriam’s Dictionary is concerned…but so glad to see your site again!

  6. If you see something in Colorado for the first time, then you’re the last one to have seen it.

    Yes, Colorado is where fads go to die.

  7. Another old cafe racer trick: work on your bike in the dimmest light possible. only after you’ve reassembled drum brakes in complete darkness can you truly live the “vintage lifestyle”.

  8. I just bought a 1979 SP370 imported from Holland for a grand. The bloke bullshitted me a bit because the loom is fucked.
    I just like to say I’ve been lied to, old is fucked and shit in this case.
    It’s a rare bike I have apparently.
    I can’t even get an MOT to get it registered.
    I am enlisting my chum with a tache to make a sombre film of me shooting it to bits with my Holland and Holland.
    See the link?

    Edam bastard

  9. Cafe Motique. Are they having a laugh! What a lame name, do they think they may have hip French ancestry or something? The logo is pants too. I think the apparel comes before the motos. Nice tool wall though, obviously the work of a graphic designer! Assembling bikes in the dark so you cant see how shit they look! Its been ages since I got to vent some bile at tossers like these. Great to have you back!!

  10. Um, just clear this up, Colorado Springs is not really in Colorado. Its sort of like Aspen, you wont find anyone from Colorado there. Its the bat cave for the Air Force and spook communities.We pretend it doesn’t exist. I do love the Lee press on stash though.

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