We want to make one thing very clear, we’re not mad at this man, he’s obviously a talented metalworker and a genius at marketing, a visionary! He’s going to make a lot of money, think about it. What’s the first step for any trustafarian bike builder? Ditching perfectly good fenders because they don’t flow with the lines of the bike or whatever. We’ve seen dozens of videos where in beardos blather on about stripping away unnecessary bits from a motorcycle, and  in their PBR addled brains fenders serve no purpose.

Now this brilliant man has figured out how to resupply them with the same fenders. Except this time they’re handmade and extra authentic because they’re made in a dimly lit barn. He even nailed the name, “Cooper Smithing Co”, in the minds of beardos that name brings up images of gritty men in leather aprons making barrels to store the latest microbrew and that makes their delicate weens all misty.

God speed, good sir.

16 thoughts on “Genius

  1. All things considered… I didn’t understand the file. That’s what the grinder was for. Grinding w/o safety glasses, not good. The fender outcome is still really nice. That really takes some skill.

  2. lol when will this fad end?!

    Iron and resin takes the cake out of being your guys best stuff. They get more ridiculous by the day.

  3. Minus the hype marketing video, these fenders are gorgeous from what I can see in the images. Great work getting a well made part on the market for a reasonable price! It’s not a functional road bike without fenders.

  4. His work is nice. Did not seem to be a pretentious video at all. Just a dude working metal in his shed trying to make a buck. I don’t know the guy but what makes you say he is a trustafarian.

  5. I’m a 29 year old white male with a 2012 Bonneville that I’ve fucked around with (read: Hipster). Last summer I took off my plastic factory front fender to clean off the underside. I dropped it in my driveway and it pretty much cracked in half. To get an OEM replacement in gold would cost 186 pounds, or about $300 USD. I found an aluminum fender handmade in Italy for $208. It’s way nicer and I saved about 100 bucks. Not everyone on a retro styled bike in their 20’s thinks that they’re better than you, some just needed to replace a fender.

  6. This isn’t your typical drop stock and bolt-up get-rich-quick type product like Biltwell, DimeCity or LowBrow. He can’t keep up with demand and I’m confused why he’s even conveying that he’s in that market.

    Hell maybe it is to stoke his ego, but I’d rather give him the benefit of the doubt. I know guys in this circle that would have a good laugh about this post, it’s probably just to play the game.

    Check out visionary cycle products on IG or their store for how well these fit, the product speaks for itself. I’ve been lurking there waiting for the 18’s to come back in stock, and here’s why:

    I’d have some ten, twenty—I could see spending 100 hours total in narrowing and notching a stock NOS fender to fit an 18″ inch radius. Grinding my shit welds, prep bondo and STILL having the end product hit the bin. It happened last time. it’s nice to have a backup plan. And if I don’t use it, I can flip it for what I paid.

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