5 thoughts on “French Navy

    • Who wouldn’t have fun playing Whack A Hipster (0:24)?

      Yes, they get it. Bike as bike, not prefab lifestyle totem.

  1. Defo the Gonzo bike reviewers. Love their vids.

    That Scrambler looks great despite the hipster marketing. Would love to take this and grind the pegs on a mountain road.

    Sure the hipsters will find a way to fuck it up… crap tyres, cut the back end of it, make the seat unbearable… that kinda thing.

  2. Okay so he’s no hipster beardo rider and he’s got the chops to put the thing thru its paces in the dirt…but watching the video I feel like the bike is a brick when it’s being flogged off the paved road. Even as talented a rider as he is you can see the thing looks pretty clumsy and heavy as he whips it around. Smash cut to doing the same ride on an xl or dr 650 and it would be a world of difference…

  3. starting at 4:09…good footage on the two lane.He is definitely not afraid to ride
    at a good pace,pushing that Ducati’s nose into those corners.Now THAT is some
    enjoyable video,watching a bike used as intended by real riders…..Not posers.
    Got to love those crazy French!

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