4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Ok so just to understand your way to criticize, a video is good if it dosent have edition, no off voice and no custom bikes… from my point of view fuck yourself… you cant make a comparation betweeen this and iron and resin or any other hipster video… well actually you can because is your freacking blog… however is a cool video… a shame what happen to him.. BTW cool colection of videos

  2. The scenery is beautiful and the riders look like they’re having a good time. My 20 year old self would think it was all super cool. My current self (ex-racer, ride on the track only) cringes when I see people riding on the street like that.

    • It’s not that bad, they’re riding smooth and in control it’s a fairly decent road with no intersections or other surprises. I’ve ridden that road and riding like that doesn’t actually require you to go that fast. I get what you mean though.

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