Feel good friday RC30

We haven’t posted a Feel Good Friday vid in a while, so this week we have a real treat. Something to really wash the taste of bullshit out.

Instead of watching Sven the bearded wonder fuck around in a moody garage and “build” a motorcycle, let’s watch professionals do it.  Dudes with PhDs in motorcycles. Instead of some junk heap CB, let’s watch a truly cool motorcycle get put together.  In my opinion the RC30 is probably one of the coolest/prettiest motorcycles of the last 25 years.


8 thoughts on “Feel good friday RC30

  1. They bought those tools with their trust funds, those trust-fund hipster ninnies. then they filmed their daddy working on the bike. Then they put on vintage bullshit helmets and did loads of slow-mo footage on their trust fund bikes on their private members rich kid race track. wish i could afford titanium connecting rods!!
    all jokes aside, nice video.

  2. this is a legit, artistically done ad video of the craftsmanship on the parts and assembly of the bike (or parts of the process) for the company. i don’t think hipsters were anywhere close to this one. i didn’t see any annoying beards and red beanies

  3. It’s okay a topless chick wearing one of those double beer can helmets jack hammering in slow motion would also be really cool ..

  4. Overrated just like the rc45, rather have a rcb1000, rc174, cr750 or nr750 for that matter, still a sick bike tho…

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