Feel Good Friday: Lockk9

Time to share another video we actually enjoy, nothing as authentic and retro as some guy with a beard sharing his passion for turning a wrench in slow mo with dramatic lighting, but it’s pretty cool.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Lockk9 by now, his channel on youtube is very popular. This guy spends tons of time and effort compiling great videos from the Isle of Man TT and the rest of the Irish Road Racing series. Check out the rest of his channel, the IOM TT videos are great but mass start Irish Road Racing stuff is just nuts.

8 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday: Lockk9

    • Yeah I’ve seen it, I went to Ireland last summer and saw a road race in person, it was fucking bananas, hanging out in trees watching bikes go by at 150+

  1. Somebody clearly has some issues cause that song is fucking gay, sick video though, it’s always pleasant to watch Martin fail.

  2. I love the music…If you’re referring to Within Temptation of course. Their version of Radioactive beats the shit out of wimpy original by Imagine Dragons…
    But it isn’t really about the music. Is it? :)
    Assfault Junkies

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