Feel Good Friday

I know it’s not Friday.

There might be some people out there who don’t know this, but Flat Track isn’t just a type of custom motorcycle. I know you love your “street trackers” and the bearded heroes that ride them but real Flat Track is still alive.

Some might be interested in knowing that it’s a real life sport. With lots of amateur and pros who compete in it, crazy huh? There are race tracks all over the country and people go there to watch or partake in competition. Save that $40 you were going to spend on a that faux vintage flat track t-shirt and spend that money at a real race instead.

There won’t be any cold pressed coffee or gourmet food available  and the garish colors and crude logos of the sponsors might clash with the design aesthetic of tight jean set but give it a try, you might enjoy yourself.

16 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. I am so happy you have seen the light! Your once hated hipster Thor Drake of cc moto and coffee co. in Portland co organises Dirt Quake USA to encourage novice riders to get into dirt track and fun. Beards welcome but not essential! Ride fast turn left. He also rides pikes peak and sponsors moto cross. What’s not to like?

    • Dirt Quake is about as hipster as it gets, dude. It’s good to see more people getting into racing. But when you’re flat tracking a chopper you’re an idiot.

      • Chopper racing is hilarious. Racing is racing, whether you’re on a Vespa or an S1000R – still takes some tars to get out there. Good luck to anyone that does.

  2. Is it because there’s no over-priced denim in shot that you’re happy to praise these ‘real’ hillbillies while you usually deride the “Lumbersexuals”??

  3. Never pay more than $20 for denim, it’s only to wear at work anyway, no cosy office job here! I don’t have a beard, to old to be a hipster even if I wanted to be and certainly not going to waste time on grooming when I could be riding. However I agree that dirt track is the best way to have fun riding to the limit on a budget! If it’s good enough for Marquez and Rossi. I look forward to the hipster bulshit video, when the author is actually riding more than just his/her keyboard..

  4. How much does this site get paid per hit in advertising revenue? Have you earned enough to quit the day job? Couldn’t agree more with Vince. Too much trolling here, bye bye.

      • OK and truly sorry. people who ride motorcycles are just people who ride motorcycles, we all arrived here one way or a other, if that makes sense. We live, we learn, we make mistakes (well I have made quite a few over many years!) but at the end of the day we are the minority, enjoy life, enjoy riding.

    • Too much trolling here! That’s the whole f**king idea! If you like your hipster arse licked you are on the wrong site.

  5. Hehe. Now it gets interesting 😉 I’d like to make a crack about the length (and associated care) of more than one contemporary 2 wheeled star, and that I can’t wait till those mutton chop sideburns join into a Beard…but I’m too busy “goin’ fast and turning left”, with old champions and newbies alike, regardless of grooming or any other preferences. I love this blog as it saves me the trouble of finding certain cliche-styled videos myself! But I love flat track more!! #ride #cheersToTheInternetAndAllWhoTrollInHer!!

  6. I am grateful that AMA is keeping the “Hot Shoe” flat track (formerly speedway) ,series going but why are there motocross jumps shown in the video that add nothing to the excitement of what real footage shown in real time could convey.


  7. Thanks HJN, I didn’t realize those races were considered part of the flat track series.It seemed odd to see jumps on a “flat” track .


  8. Great site! Came for the snark, stayed for the laughs!! This site is sorely needed today, and fulfills a duty to the moto community. Keep adding!
    JAN 2020 to comment that I think I saw some televised FT races from Europe a little while ago. It is climbing in popularity in UK because it is cheap and you can participate on am level for fun. Not sure what the Hipster Dogma says about, ‘popular in Europe’. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

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