Feel Good Friday

I know we’re not posting much these days, but it’s summer time and we’re all busy riding. So here is another FGF video to cheer you jerks up.

The original On Any Sunday is a good movie but I think it’s also responsible for a lot of the retro hipster malarkey we see. Stupid people watch that movie, completely miss the point and decide to become 70’s bike reenactors in dumb costumes.  That having been said I’m kind of excited about the new version being made by Bruce Brown’s son. Hopefully this will inform some of these dopes about how cool modern motorcycling is. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    • This is a Red Bull marketing video masquerading as a film. It’s a Red Bullshit Corporate Marketing Video.

      These are actual cheesy voice-over lines from the Red Bull video. They are so saccharine that I almost vomited:

      “Your love is in that bike.”

      “Hands down, in my opinion, this is the gnarliest sport in the world.”

      “There are injuries, and a lot of stuff along the way, but the human spirit will never die.”

      “The hero in my life is a motorcycle.”

      “The bikes are vicious, but sometimes it feels like it has some life in it.”

      “It’s a disease, and once you have it, it doesn’t leave your body, ever.”

      At least they didn’t thank Jesus. Not in this cut anyway. This is an insult to filmmaking.

      • If you’re functionally retarded this must seem like a brilliant point to make, yeah professional moto racers just like the douche’s we make fun of. You win, now can you stop having a crying fit all over the comments?

        • You’re right. They really are professional caliber comments. You don’t have to be a professional to make faggoty comments about riding motorcycles, but it sure helps.

  1. This looks great, first I have heard about it. Seems similar to Why We Ride, which I really liked.

    I had a young guy with a tire machine do some tires for me, and he had several race bikes in his garage. I asked him if he had seen Why We Ride and he said “NO! I don’t need anyone to tell me why I ride.” I guess he thought it would be a “brotherhood” circle-jerk film, which I was concerned about too. Until I saw it, and was pleasantly surprised. As long as this doesn’t cater to the “bros” or the “hipsters” I think it will be great.

    • Yeah I didn’t watch “why we ride” either it looked kind of corny, talking heads just talking. I’m excited about this one because I really liked his last movie “dust to glory”

    • Depends if the “project” refers to hard tailing it or using a seat with only 1/8″ of padding (or just a metal pan), then telling yourself you’re more “authentic” than guys who have suspensions and seats with padding.

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