Feel Good Friday

We get a lot of mail about how we shouldn’t make fun of hipsters because motorcycling needs more young people to be involved.

So this week’s FGF video is a shot in the arm, take heart not all the kids are spending their time shopping for “heritage boots” or selvedge denim trying to look the part.  New generation of actual riders is out there, you might not see them as much but they’re there. Oh you might want to turn down the music.

Ride safe.



38 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    • Hmm…I don’t know. Is this the type of riding that we want to promote? Smoking drugs and drinking, and then doing wheelies on public streets while wearing shorts? Seems wrong to me. But I guess the people who run this blog think it’s “cool.” Does Aerostitch approve of that type of behavior. If they do, I certainly wouldn’t buy their products.

  1. Supermotos are the perfect goofball tool. Why any kid would want a half ton, 70s four cylinder, behemoth is beyond me! Even with all the shit ground of it and no fenders or lights, it’s not going to be half as much fun as a 400cc dirtbike or supermoto. As these youngsters show, speed isn’t as important as wheelies or crashability!!

    • Picking a fun bike to ride only matters if you want to ride in the first place. Most of the toolbags in other videos have no interest in riding.

      • I agree. Its not really what you ride. Its having fun on what you ride. I worked at a motorcycle shop for 4 years and rode every kind of scooter and motorcycle you can think of. Some of the most fun I have had is on a 125 cc Vespa and a 80cc 2t motard.

  2. I can’t imagine the stink of acrid smoke in a helmet.

    While these guys aren’t hipsters, they are idiots all the same. Riding in shorts and no shirt is stupid. But do that riding through brush and crap? Jesus, you’d be covered in cuts, thorns, bugs, and just general funk.

    Were they having fun and not being pretentious twats? Well yeah, but the are young and dumb too. Hopefully they survive to outgrow it.

    • And yet despite wearing shorts, they still manage to be wearing more actual functional protective gear than 96% of the stars of this website.

      I.e. a modern full-face helmet as opposed to an idiotic open-faced 70s bowling ball . . . featuring an actual real protective chin bar, as opposed to a waxed beard and Warby Parkers.

    • Do you think they care about getting covered in funk! Having fun, for fun’s sake, and not trying to sell something is better than all the hipster vids.

  3. Feel good huh? Dunno.. just makes me feel old. I can sometimes sit through the hipster videos because they are funny. I couldn’t make it through this one because it was plain annoying.

    • Yep Bo, been there, done that. Oddly they are doing the same things in the hipster videos, just in a different costume, on different bikes. In another couple of years they will be riding choppers, trust me…

  4. Not sure how this is better than the hipsters you usually make fun of, if any of these kids go down wearing shorts and no shirt they’re going to be in a world of pain.

  5. Looks like they were having fun, at least they weren’t doing stupid shit on public streets.

    Although that sticker they were pasting on each other is a very close copy of the Outlaws MC logo. A skull and crossbones with pistons instead. But they’re in germany so I doubt they would piss anyone off.

  6. “Unlike you I don’t really care what others think of my tastes”

    Yes, clearly you don’t care. It’s not like you would take the effort to make a website about it. LOL. Too funny.

      • Making fun of something has no meaning if it’s not relative to something else. When you make fun of something, your tastes are a part of the equation. You are making fun of other people in relation to yourself. There is nothing inherent or neutral about your position. It’s a part of the human social construct.

        This is pretty easy to understand. What did you study in university?

        • What makes you think I went to university? I never claimed neutrality I simply said I don’t value the opinions of a bunch of strangers on the internet. I run a website calling people names and making jokes at their expense and you think I’m claiming neutrality? Yes obviously everything is relative and I happen to think that my ideas about motorcycling are relatively better than those I make fun, yet I can still not care what you think about my ideas. Amazing how that works isn’t it.

            • No. Highly educated, but no longer a kid. I do still participate in academia part-time, but it’s mostly as an educator now. If I’ve made some comments that appear nasty, it’s just to be a provocateur, and get people thinking about their own prejudices and faults (real or perceived). It may not have worked though. I was trying to point out that we all have a tendency to think that the way we live and ride is more pure, but that is not always true. Some of the things that we accuse others of doing, we do ourselves.

              I’m not a hipster, although I do find their culture interesting. They’re not bad people, and doing things differently can also be a good thing. I find “hatred for hipsters” fascinating as well. It’s become a culture of its own in a way. I’m sure hipster culture will be rolled into the mainstream eventually, and nobody will find it strange anymore. A new generation will come along and change things, just like the greaser, beatnik, mod, hippie, headbanger, punk, hip hop, grunge movements did.

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