Feel Good Friday

Hey remember when America had its own motorcycle racing series?  Whatever happened with that?  Oh that’s right they sold it to DMG and it went to shit.  Well I guess England still has a series, and it’s pretty cool.  BSB Tracks are fun to watch racing on and Cadwell Park is famous for its jump, so I guess enjoy this and try not to think to much about what happened to the AMA series.

9 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

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  2. The Best National Series in the World? Lots of brit riders in WSB cut their teeth around Cadwell Park. Beautiful circuit, but like a lot of BSB tracks… narrow as a dirt road… lots of bumping and grinding!

  3. The Gezzer on the Tyco Suzuki is Aussie Josh Brookes. He’s racing at the IOM TT this year on a Yamaha R1 and an R6. Should get some air around there too!

    • Did someone catch some air? I must have missed it. LOL.

      These guys must have all told the cameraman, before they zipped up their dayglo green leather suits, “Hey bro, I’m gonna catch some big air. Make sure you film it, and then play it back in slow motion on a loop.”

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