12 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. Lol can’t understand them but it’s p funny listening to them flip out and almost lose their voices.

  2. Don’t forget when Rossi won that race it tied them for first in points… and reaffirmed the fact back then that if the race comes down to the final lap Rossi is going to win just ask Jorge or Casey Stoner

    • They are wearing supergay dayglo catsuits, which are covered in as many crass corporate advertisements as possible. What else would you wear in a 200mph pissing contest with another closeted homunculus?

  3. Magic race and not a Repsol Honda insight! Could be a cracker at Assen on Saturday. Its one of the tracks where Rossi goes well and five years after this he’s still got the determination to win.

    • Is Rossi out of the closet yet? One of the worst kept secrets in MotoGP is Rossi’s life-long homosexual relationship with Alessio Salucci (aka Uccio).

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