17 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

    • If Monster Energy Drink funds my intercontinental moto / camping adventure, I’ll happily wear whatever stupid costume they request.

  1. I don’t think these guys are “real” motorcyclists, because they’re not wearing the right company’s t-shirts, or tight jeans, and their helmets have some weird thing that actually covers their chins. I’m really looking for 100% authenticity. They could have used some art school kids with antiquated cameras and organic cigarettes.

  2. Incredible images, amazing places, but yes I also call BS on the claim of no film crew. What you are seeing was NOT shot by just a couple guys with go-pros and a cheap copter-drone. Give-away — camera angles, resolution, and speed. No small drone as shown could keep up with the bikes. And where are the tripods and booms on their bikes? There HAD to be support vehicles. And if you’re not yet convinced… ask yourself who was flying the drone when both guys were riding. I’m happy to watch this, but they shouldn’t lie about production support.

  3. Oh, I also wanted to add, there are 20 or more sequences in that trailer where the camera (usually in a long-lens mode) is being expertly panned AND zoomed while BOTH guys are riding (or appearing both on camera). Sorry… but that requires a cameraman (or a team of cameramen). Go back and watch the shot with the visible drone again — the camera is moving and zooming (and that’s not a post-production effect). It’s a good video, but the claim that “me and my mate did this with no help” is, well, preposterous.

    • So… if that line about no other support / film crew was omitted from the voiceover / interview you’d really enjoy the video?

  4. They definitely had at least one extra guy with them as a cameraman for the shots involving them both. But that could easily be done by one extra guy. I don’t think it’s far fetched to say they had a “team” of camera operators. You can do some amazing things with the small cameras and DSLRs these days.

    I still don’t think this video is much better than some of the others on here. Just different, and I like this video myself as a mainly off-road rider. I just don’t get the need to have the world look at what you did with corporate(KTM/GoPro/et al) or “hipster brand name here” sponsorship and just get on your fucking bike and ride it. The best adventures were done without anyone but the person doing it knowing. But then, I wouldn’t have any cool bike videos to look at when I’m not out riding myself. And I had more fun riding just 25 miles of single track yesterday on a mountain than I have had watching hours of videos on the internet.

    But I love the take on all these videos and the comments from everyone getting butthurt about it. So goddamn funny!

  5. Fair point but you should have a look at that dude’s youtube channel he does plenty of rides that aren’t sponsored. I don’t know if someone offered me money to go ride bikes around the world if I would be able to say no. :)

    • You’re absolutely correct. I wouldn’t be able to either. I’ve seen him in other videos. I guess my comment was directed towards the rest of videos on here more than this one in particular. I would be more than happy to let KTM give me a bike to ride to Egypt and film it.

  6. Who gives a shit what you lot think,
    I wanna do wheelies round pyramids, camera crew or not. FYEAH give me more. And Mate, you rode 25k of single track yesterday and didn’t film it.!!.!.!
    Shit I’m babysitting.! Would love to have watched it.! Get a crew, get a sponsor
    Peace out.

  7. All’s I have to say is that is some kick ass riding over some kick ass topography, a bucket list adventure in my book. Sold my dual sported xr400 after four level lumbar fusion last December at my surgeons stern warnings, and I’m missing the off road riding. Rehab is just short of amazing and now I’m thinking that new Honda Africa Twin would look good under my ass. Maybe I should head to Europe to buy one and do a trip like these guys? Ya, right, probably settle for a used Vstrom:(

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