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  1. Ever seen motorcycle racing? It is literally using motorcycles as fashion accessories to sell shit to dummies. The riders and motorcycles are covered in ads. Just FYI.

      • No. It actually points put the hypocrisy of this blog. There seems to be a lot of criticism being directed towards a certain group of riders (the others, the “hipsters”). That criticism often includes comments about selling products that the “authors” of this website don’t like. They (hipsters) are “stupid, dangerous, or dress in a manner that is not appropriate according to these “authors.”

        However, the videos that are praised by the “authors” often show dangerous stunt riding, equally ridiculous clothing (depending on your perspective), equally (if not more) dangerous gear, and overpowered sport bikes. Furthermore, motorcycle racing is a “sport,” which, much like NASCAR, features vehicles, riders, and stands that are practically completely covered in advertising trying to sell thousands of products.

        • Lol I don’t think we’d ever call them “dangerous” and they dress in a manner not appropriate to the laws of physics, we only try to tell them to wear full face helmets because we’re nice guys.

          • Okay. If you haven’t called them dangerous, I withdraw that portion of my comment.

            A lot of the Harley guys don’t wear full face helmets either. It seems to be more of a standard for sport bike and motocross riders, although their riding style is generally more aggressive. I have seen the odd squid riding with no leathers and no helmet. They always seem to be the guys who ride too dangerously as well. Sadly, those guys may learn the hard way.

            Full face helmets are good to protect the chin, but I guess it’s a personal choice. I’m used to full face helmets now, but I also remember a time when a helmet wasn’t required. The younger “hipster” riders have a desire to emulate an earlier time (the 1960’s and 1970’s). I do understand that to some extent. When I was younger, we liked the style of products that were produced 20 or 30 years earlier. Those products were new to us because we were young, and at that age when people really want to fit in with their friends and have their own culture.

            We listened to old music and wore Marlon Brando style leather jackets too. My jacket was so nice that I still have it in my closet. It’s a bit small for me now, but it’s a nice jacket. It may not be as functional as new Vanson jacket, but I still like it, and it reminds me of a really fun time in my life. For some reason, I don’t consider it disposable, the same way that I don’t feel like a nice classic bike is disposable.

            Blauer makes a 1980’s style sport bike helmet for riders who want to look retro, but cover their whole face. Now I’m selling products too. We all seem to be doing that. 😉


            • Listen I don’t know who you’re arguing against but that’s a hell of a strawman you’ve constructed yourself there.

  2. I used to get upset by this shit, because I worried that these posers were starting to define motorcycle culture, but now I just walk around with a smug grin on my face, knowing that I actually live the life that these posing fashionistas dream of.

    You see cunts, you can’t buy authenticity.

    • You make a good point. In fact, you’ve practically hit the nail on the head. We are all wanting authenticity. But authenticity means different things to different people. All sub-cultures seem to eventually be monetized and commercialized if they are popular enough; from skateboarding, to punk rock, or biker culture(s).

      I have to admit to cringing when I used to see 40-50 sport bikes, with brightly colored fairings, and dudes all decked out in their biker fashion Vanson and Alpinestars leathers. I’d think, “What’s wrong with those guys? Why do they all dress the same, and have such ugly looking graphics on their bikes?” It’s just not what I like, but it is what those guys feel is authentic.

      • If you think wearing leathers is a “fashion” statement and not something you do for safety I don’t think I have anything that can change your mind.

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