Ducati the Freshmaker!

The last few years the big factories have been aiming bikes directly at lazy hipsters. The ones who can’t be bothered to find some shit heap, make it worse and produce a pretentious video about how much it means to make terrible things. They want 2nd tier hipsters and can you blame them? These well heeled trustafarians are particularly easy to part from their (parents) money. ¬†Even the Germans were trading in their lab coats for high end denim this year with the release of the R Nine T, so it’s no surprise that Ducati wants in on the act.

As it was in WWII, so it is now, the Italians simply aren’t in the same league as the Germans. BMW were smart enough to pay established bullshit artists like El Solitario to produce their videos for extra credibility. The Italians took a swing at producing their own video. The result? Well the result is a mix between a Mentos ad and a hipster bike video. They have all the elements, grating music, fake drag races, pushing over a guy taking a piss but they miss the mark somehow. There is no self importance, no talk of connection between man and machine not even a single meaningful look into the camera.

Honorable mention goes to this Husqvarna video, in which they use things like urban camping and models to try and trick hipsters into buying a modern motorcycle. They’re trying to convince these civil war beard enthusiasts that maybe a shit box Honda from the 70s isn’t the be all and end all of motorcycling. We wish them luck.

21 thoughts on “Ducati the Freshmaker!

  1. Ah, Husky, nice try. They needed a little boost from Ducati’s design team, while Ducati could have used Husqvarna’s scriptwriters. That line, “I don’t want what they had, I want what they wanted” is killer .

  2. I guess it was just a matter of time .. Most people can not be bothered to turn a wrench (that is sooo hot right now) .. they want to just by something .. what would be smart in the sense of a large motorcycle company selling motorcycles ..is if they would make bolt on kits ….. consumer buys a base motorcycle and if you are into that hooligan t shirt and spine protector wheelie crowd
    buy the hooligan bolt on kit .. if you are that arm sleeve bearded type buy the hipster bolt on kit … can not blame the big motorcycle companies really the CEO’s want to make money ..

  3. Oh, a bit tetchy this morning arn’t we Mr. Hipster video? you’re leather onesy pretend racer costume must be a little tight around your paunch. Still, you can pretend it’s some hi tech kevlar innovation gut pad to protect you on your plastic shrouded, computer driven imitation race machine when you fall off at a traffic light, (despite your ABS kicking in).

    • Gaweth, I think I may have recently read a hipster bashing comment that you didn’t violently foam at the mouth about on Bikeburn, PipeExif, or some such leading technical information resource. Go forth and defend the somewhat overripe trend that your entire identity is based on before its expiration date!

  4. meeeh the bike is ok, and the video. Its kinda half assed for hipster video imho. New to this website, very entertaining. But hipsters are an easy target to pick on. If you guys are making fun of idiots on motorcycles that do stupid shit, why don’t you guys pick on all of the idiots of the moto world?

  5. I really like the Ducati Scrambler. I think they have made cool looking bike that will be a blast to ride. They are going full out with the branding but who can blame them, they have bikes to sell and a big workforce to pay. I also like the promo movie. A little cheesy but I like the Dandy Warhols and it shows off the bike well… which what it’s all about.

    Some nice arses on those chicks too!

    Have to hang fire on the Husky. Smart advertising, but then they have the experts at Kiska working on it… so it bloody should be!

  6. Man, the people who did the Ducati, oops I mean the Scrambler piece sure did pay attention to the old sizzle not steak mantra didn’t they? There’s a whole lot more lifestyle goin’ on there than what you’re going to ride out of the store with isn’t there?

    As for the Husky? Did Sweden watch too much Tron?

    (yeah, I know they’re italian now, try not to be so literal okay?)

  7. And the expensive 3/4 helmet,set on it’s crown,on the large flat rock.
    Nothing like scratching and “little kiss” gouging to start off what could
    be a short experience……well it doesn’t mean much to these idiots,
    as mom and dad(or corporate)footed the bill for that lid.Maybe would
    be a different way ,if the money was coming out of Their pocket..nahh,
    probably not.Most of them are probably escapees from the Land’s End
    catalogue anyway.Perhaps the helmet was scratched earlier from the
    deleted scene of the guy taking a header over the bush,when he was
    pushed from behind in the middle of his piss…another silly video it ’tis..

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