Dirt bag track

We’ve been seeing a lot of hipster videos with dirt track shit in them.  Most dirt track people I know tend to be country dudes with F-250s who ride CRFs.  Picturing these postmodern nitwits in  their vintage cosplay rubbing elbows with the regular bros made us laugh.

Maybe they can have a special class for these artists. A class where using an appropriate machine to get around the track quickly is replaced by hoping you look quirky and carefree enough on your shitty bike that strangers will instagram you. Trophy goes to the guy with the most likes.

We suspect this entire trend can be tracked back to the fact that On Any Sunday is on NetFlix now.  Way to go, Bruce Brown!

What happens when hipsters co-opt your hobby?

1. Girls in their 20’s show up (once)

2. Guys ask you what your vimeo username is

3. The pits smell less like 2-stroke exhaust and more like hair product

4. You start getting $1500 offers on your 1982 DR125 with no carb that’s worth $200 at most

5. Each new guy brings his own videographer and sound man

 Guess we didn’t really say much about this video, so here, have a highlight. This fucking guy.


21 thoughts on “Dirt bag track

        • Lmfao well played good sir . Keep fighting the good fight with the Virgin hipsters! We look forward to these posts every few days n crank open a non PBR beer. Something less mainstream , of course.

        • Every time you post something you’re seeking attention. That’s the best part :) I love you so much.

          Next time try just posting a video instead of a self hating monolog about yourself. I love you

          The only difference between you and them is they aren’t afraid of judgement. You hide behind a Tumblr. Either way, I still love you.


          • Is this the sort of passive agressive abuse one must heap upon one’s parent(s) in order for them to dip into their retirement and get a letter of credit for a shipping container of crap minibikes from China to start up that “Business venture” of yours? Are they also in debt for the video equipment that will end up getting sold by their kid? How long ’til they find out that meth is more profitable as well as THE proven way to start up an otherwise unprofitable fad bike shop?

  1. the kid you are making fun of is RJ. he was a goofy kid that lived across the street from the owner of Hell On Wheels since he was about 4 or 5 years old. he would come over to the garage and pester Meatball every single day. he grew up in Meatballs garage. he was always a little chubby and a little annoying, but we all grew to love him because frankly, what other choice was there. he’s a good kid. when he was about 15 one of his grandparents died and left him about $3500.00 he walked over and said “i want to build a Triumph” so they did. he rode that thing to school from that moment on. that was about 6 or 8 years ago. i think he’s about 20 now? so ya we are all a goofy bunch, and we have all worn out our fair share of “on any sunday VHS tapes” thank god its on dvd now! I’ve been riding a long time and ya i have a little ego about it sometimes, but i’ll never be as cool as RJ who rode his 1966 triumph to high school. fuck i can’t imagine! anyhow, my rant is over, i just discovered this site and its fuckin hilarious! but cut the kid a little slack, what were you doing when you were 20?

      • wasnt trying to sound butthurt. the site really is funny. we’ve all been laughing at the hipster invasion for years! keep an eye out for the new Hell On Wheels pomade when it hits the shelves soon, comes with a free comb!

          • hey JERKYLS, when you coming back to bang bars with us??? YES the HOW pomade will be fully eyebrow compatible! can’t talk now, im got in trouble for filling the coffee roaster with bourbon…

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