Cringe worthy pic of the day


Have you ever wanted to buy used shitty helmets at new helmet prices? Well here is your chance, we’re not even sure this site is real, maybe it’s a parody site like The Onion or something, no one can be this stupid, right?

Highlights include this most likely crash damaged helmet for $200

6 thoughts on “Cringe worthy pic of the day

  1. I’m glad this type of people exist. Some months ago while rummaging through my late uncle’s shed we found an old open face helmet from the 70s. My father wanted to throw it away, but I decided it might be worth the effort selling it on ebay. It sold for 75€ (~ 100 US $). Thank You, bearded hipsters!

  2. The site has now included ‘Legally, these helmets are for display purposes only.’ on the ad. Seriously, who could be so retarded?

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