12 thoughts on “Cringe Pic: Protection

  1. Yes, but with this product, you ear 42 loyalty points. I assume loyalty points can be used to reconstruct one’s face after a rock hits it on the road?

  2. So this is for the guys who ride for the three blocks from their downtown Portland loft to the Artisanal hipster coffee bar — in daylight only of course, which makes sense because they don’t have a job. BTW, I think if you’re going to make a silly product like this, at least make the cut-out interesting — an exclamation point or a bike logo. Water-jet cutter could make this anything you want.

  3. Well, we are living in wartime Britain and riding military spec BSA’s. It just makes sense.

  4. Ahh..another atrocity from Dime City Cycles…doesn’t even make a good wartime blackout guard, the slot needs to be horizontal for that. They once bitched at me on their facebook page because I said their use of hashtags were lame. They claimed it was marketing, but I don’t know anyone who searches by hashtags, and don’t want to!

  5. Oi, I have been riding for over 40 years and have always worn a pisspot helmet except when it is pissing down with rain/snow and I still have my face.

  6. Once this godawful trend passes, so will shops like dime city cycles-
    in the overall picture they are flash in the pan,thank god……………..

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