Cringe Pic Dump

Running low on videos to make fun of, so here, have a bunch of cringe inducing pics instead.

triumph-t100-scrambler-11This appears to be a competently built motorcycle (other than the dumb tires and kickstand) but why the fuck is it parked in a clothing store? No one wants to buy your $40 t-shirts guy!

tumblr_naxesx0Ym11rvebxto1_1280Speaking of stupid t-shirts, nice try, but no one believes you.

tumblr_naq0buUM2Q1rvebxto1_1280Ahahahahaha wtf is this shit, if my tire looked like a mill stone I’d probably be walking too, seriously what is that tire supposed to be for? Looks like a drag tire for a horse cart.

tumblr_nak1z7vhqB1rvebxto1_1280Please stop writing your name on other peoples work, I get it, you started your “shop’s” instagram before you did any actual work and now you have to fill it with pictures. But stop, you didn’t “build” this motorcycle. You slapped on a stupid seat and threw away the battery, this is still a Yamaha. This would be the equivalent of every kid who slapped a spoiler on his civic changing the Honda badge to his own name. You ego-maniacal assholes.


29 thoughts on “Cringe Pic Dump

  1. I spat my drink on my keyboard when I saw those tees.

    Have you seen the latest marketting for the distinguished gentlemans ride?

    Between the pipe smoking and the curled moustaches I think it’s right up your alley.

  2. What am I missing with the kickstand on the Bonneville? That’s just a stock Triumph stand. The tires, on the other hand, are very very dumb.

  3. There’s only one issue about the first pic. That actually looks like a well built bike from a donor Bonnie black. A hipster couldn’t afford the exhaust, paint job, custom forks, including radial brakes and ohlins bits.

    I’d ride that and park it next to my thruxton and Street Triple R without any hesitation. Although the tires would get swapped out for a smaller tread Metzler that’s stock on a Scrabmler for light off roading.

    Should it be in a clothing store? Only if the clothier owns the bike.

  4. You have to put our name on the tank. It’s BRANDING, and the lifestyle is all about the brand, don’t you know. That, extreme facial hair, selvedge jeans, expensive boots and a wallet that costs about a week’s salary.

  5. You guys need to do a BS Bingo card for hipster bike customizing. The one for videos was brilliant. I’ll help:

    wrapped pipes
    balloon tires
    dirt tires on the street
    skinny, hemorrhoid inducing seat
    pipes stop before the swing arm starts
    white grips
    tan grips
    hacked off rear fender
    tail light says STOP
    front disc brake replaced with drum brake
    matte colors
    vestigial front fender
    open air behind the engine
    monochromatic paint including wheels
    rear of seat 5″ higher than the front