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We laughed pretty hard at this, I mean I buy a lot of my tools at Harbor Freight but I’m a cheap asshole goofing around in my garage. This is supposedly a custom bike builder and “lifestyle brand” based in Brooklyn. If you’re going to pretend to be a custom bike builder don’t buy every single tool from Harbor Freight. Nothing goes better with 30 year old bikes than 12 point sockets, if your mission is to strip every single bolt on the bike.


What is this dude taking a break from doing? My guess, arranging everything on this workbench to make it perfect for his instagram. Imagine him placing the can of Bud, standing back, “yeah that’s perfect now it looks like a mechanic from 1975 owns this”

28 thoughts on “Cringe Pic

  1. Holy crap… Our Members’ tool are is 100x better than this… And they’re bottom-barrel basics, (b/c newbies have a penchant for losing/breaking shit)… Builder? Really?

  2. #Cheap #digital caliper hanging on pegboard? That’s NOT authentic! That’s not even keeping it real! Where’s the vintage Starrett vernier in the wooden case dripping with patina?

    Cue articles on old analog precision measuring tools in the dimbulb moto fanboy sites in 3, 2, 1….

    What is “Brake time”, anyway?

  3. would the pic be more legit if that was a PBR instead of a budweiser?

    I doubt this fool could build a fart with a can of beans

  4. Come on you guys, you don’t need much kit to take the front mudguard off and put some exhaust wrap on [especially if you’re going to do it too loose]…

  5. Like most home garage wrenchers, my first tools were my Dad’s borrowed tools — so shit went back WHERE IT BELONGS and they all said “Craftsmen.” In my 20’s I phoned my dad to excitedly tell him I’d bought my first power tool (he’d already bought me a basic tool chest years earlier). “That’s a great life first,” he said, “And now you’re up for another life first: buying a new better-quality drill when that Black and Decker shits the bed.” Well, it makes bad smells and occasionally stops working if I run it for more than 30 seconds, but I’ve still got it! Point being, Harbor Freight is in fact fine for those of us who occasionally turn a wrench to save $ and time taking our bikes to a dealership for an oil change or valve adjust or clutch replacement. But…I wouldn’t publish on Instagram my shitty-shit tools. This guy’s dad/friends just never taught him about buying quality tools for the job — especially if you’re pretending it IS your job.

  6. Meh.. everyone who has ever seen a TV show about building bikes and can operate a hacksaw is now a “builder”. The glory of the internet is that you can make up a name, but you do not have to do any of those annoying things like getting a business license, paying insurance, or even paying taxes.

  7. The goober probably never shot a gun in his life, let alone a 7.62–and even the damn ammo box looks brand new!

    • Actually I’ve been thinking that’ll be the next focus of outdoorsy poser fetishism; guns. Fits in with the whole #outdoor #woodsman #cabin #beard #harvesting #organic food etc. That’s all we need… well-armed hipsters.

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  9. Harbor Freight….When only the Finest Crap will do,straight from the
    Wang Fung Iron Works,up at the head of the Wong Dong River…….

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