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Here is a replica of Steve McQueen’s six days jacket made by Barbour, it comes with authentic mud splatter.  Don’t worry, it’s rubberized mud splatter so it won’t fall off when you sit in your Aeron chair to make the final edit on your video.

This jacket represents quite a misunderstanding of the legacy of Steve McQueen.   Maybe they watched On Any Sunday with the volume down so they could luxuriate in its vintage instagram-filtered imagery, missing the point that Steve McQueen was a rich and famous man who went out and got real mud on him while racing under a fake name to avoid attention.  The movie wasn’t even about him, he financed it and was just there to have fun and help draw attention to the stories of the real racers and the amazing skills of his buddy Malcolm Smith.

You have to envision this jacket out in the world.

“Don’t sit there, you’ll get mud on my furniture you cunt”

“That’s where you’re wrong, this is carefully applied synthetic dirt that cost me 500 pounds sterling”

The haunted look in his eyes says it all. Just learned it’s Steve’s 84th birthday today, happy bday Steve. 


This post was written by special guest, Echo all the way from Oireland – Harvard

19 thoughts on “Cringe Pic

  1. At this pace of motorcycle hipster bullSH*# I am uncertain if I will want to be associated with motorcycles in the future. This is far worse than the NY bikers beating up the SUV driver or the leather clad HD riders…..

  2. Can the fake mud be treated with Scotchgard to prevent real mud from staining it? Not that any lifestyle that revolves around texting gets anywhere near mud, but…

    • I would love to see the cleaning instructions for this jacket. Anyone live near a Barbour store and can go take a pic for us?

  3. Honestly, I thought you were joshing… that this was a hoax. But no, for £499.00 ($823 USD) you can actually get a retro jacket with fake mud splatter. Who dreams this stuff up: “Made from a heavy 8 oz. wax, this 4 pocket jacket features a simulated mud-splattered design made of rubber compounded mud – made to match the mud marks on Steve’s original jacket.” I laugh even harder knowing what Steve McQueen would actually think about someone stupid enough to pay over eight hundred bucks for this.



      Hipsters, seriously– biggest pretentious assholes. They are the yuppies of today.

  4. Shame really as this is a pukka jacket apart from the ghostly Steve. If I found one in a skip I’d wear it.
    It all goes tits up in the advertising. Who can they choose to model it? Too macho and beardy and it’ll look cuntish, too effeminate and it’ll look ginger. If they put a Thora in the thing it’d look exploitative . So , seeing as they didn’t ask me to wear it for a photo shoot they’ve buggered it.

    The last barbour jacket I wore was at a beaters shoot and even then I’d liberated it.

  5. I can just imagine how the PHOTO SHEWT went .. “Okay Blaine you have to stop looking at yourself in the side mirror of the two wheeled motorized vehicle and for Christ sake look at the camera … that’s it hhhhold it hhhhold… ” click ” work it work your dirty your extreme … fuck Blaine look at the camera you fag .. yes your George Michael stubble looks fine it could have been bit longer but it will do” …

  6. These came out a few years ago and the cringe value was pretty high. Usurping a brand like Barbour for pure fashion is very sad. But associating it with someone who would never be seen in fake dirt is worse.

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