10 thoughts on “Cringe Pic

  1. You would think a company that owns and prides themselves in these motorcycles would have a webpage dedicated to showing them off.
    Even the ones they use as countertops……………

  2. Thankfully you have never been in a Kiehls cosmetics store then. In case you don’t know Kiehls stores are where they keep the Kiehls motorcycle collection, mostly pre WWII Harley’s and Indians and usually owned by movie stars (the flagship store has Clark Gable’s 1934 HD). I don’t think any of those bikes have run in decades.

  3. Last time I was in London, stopped there and got sized for a jacket, which surprisingly my wife wanted me to buy. Sales guy had his 71 Triumph in the store, friendly helpful

  4. Went in the Belstaff shop myself last week, there was a jacket with fake splodges on it up the arse end to give it that authentic ridden look…Yours for a Mere £675.00

  5. The bike stand and top are beautiful and genius. Machined aluminium that clamp on with no mods to the bike. You could have the bike rideable in under 5 minutes.

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