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RE: Creative Reality

Remember the babbling  you had to sit through while this guy described to you what a journey it was to create a shittier version of and already shitty motorcycle?

Welp now you have the chance of owning the end result of that journey. You see riding motorcycles is not the goal for these people, public masturbation over their own egos is, so now that he’s finished “creating” the bike and starred in a video, time for it to go.

9 thoughts on “Creativity for sale

  1. I’d buy it and make a video about the epic journey to the bank to get a cashiers cheque lovingly hand crafted by an artisan teller, followed by a montage of focus pulls of me loading it onto a mint vintage 1998 Ford Transit and driving off into the sepia vignetted sunset, safe in the knowledge that I was finally a real man who did things with his own two hands.

  2. 0 bids….awesome… could there be 30k’s worth of bits on it…..looks like there’s only about 10 or so to it….

    What a load of bollocks.

  3. Wow what an asshat. I’d be embarrassed by the first video alone but now he’s selling his masterpiece that he “worked so hard” on?

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  5. It is a study in converting known rotten eggs into sloppy slimey rotten eggs,
    with a horribly bad decision about the value of one’s finances….it looks as if
    something is missing though-oh yes the “urban chic” rattlecan paint “dusting”.
    (but then that could be excused as either not cool enough….nah,take it down
    an urban alleyway and let some winos shit on it instead,might make it appear
    half acceptable then…)

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