Feel Good Friday

Yeah it’s that time of the week again, time to share something we enjoy. This time it’s one of my favs, BkingAndy’s “Enjoy Riding” video. This video is what inspired  me to go ride the Black Forest in Germany this past year.

He unfortunately was killed this past summer by an inattentive driver, this goes out to Andy. RIP Homie

Yokel yelling

Hipster1: ”Hey guys lets make a video, who’s got a indie retro folk guitar music library?”

Hipster2: “I do!”

Hipster1: ”Find me the shittiest vocals you can, this video is gonna be epic”

Learning how to ride takes a back seat to screen printing and fashion as these artistic free spirits demonstrate how to putt around at a dirt oval, slowly. Don’t worry, all the quick cuts almost give the illusion of speed.

Passionately waving checkered flags for imaginary races that nobody won, practicing your best coy looks into the camera…  Life is rich and fulfilling.

Vincent nuts

Since we saw a big spike in traffic, we figured we might as well use our new found popularity for a more positive purpose.  So starting with this post we’re doing a “Feel-Good Friday” posting something we actually find really cool.


This video doesn’t have men in their girlfriends’ jeans.  It doesn’t have showers of angle grinder sparks.  No one stares into the camera with a look carefully copied from an insurance commercial.  There’s no verbal fluffery on the essence of manhood, delicately limited depth-of-field pans, or tie-ins to organic locavore grooming products.

Just a video of two old gentlemen, hanging out in their garage, playing with their absolutely insane land speed bike. I don’t even know what I can say, a decades-old Vincent engine, methanol injection,  homemade semi auto pneumatic gearbox powered by compressed air contained in the frame like a porsche 917, huge nitrous shot, and God knows what else.  All adding up to 180 horsepower on a flamethrowing run, on what looks like a homemade dyno, ridden by a 75-year old man who just happens to be a world record holder.

I’d be willing to bet that once these two are gone, no one will know how to run that bike.

Check out the rest of their channel for more cool vids http://www.youtube.com/user/harveybowden

Ikea motorcycles

This is real, I swear to god this isn’t some parody video we made up.

This is not a motorcycle shop, this a expensive coffee and bullshit store that has a motorcycle theme.

It’s always the same coffee/t-shirt/hair products shop we see in other videos followed by claims of wanting to be different.

Pro tip fellas, you don’t need to start a motorcycle shop where you can “hang out and talk” you can already do that at regular motorcycles shops, if you’re not a douche.

Highlights include: “coffee is a big part of my life,” “woodsman”

Lowlights: No shots of sparks flying from angle grinder

Ho down at the hipster corral

Here we have an ad for hair products and Pabst Blue Ribbon, seriously they paid for this.

I can only guess at how unbelievably annoying it would be to be stuck behind a biker gang taking up four lanes on the highway, only to realize it’s not actually a biker gang, it’s a bunch of hipsters following a camera car.

This is like a hipster version of Sturgis. Instead of getting drunk on Miller Lites, staring at 50 year old tits and doing some wife swapping at the Holiday Inn, you get this. Haircuts and awkward dancing white people.

Best case scenario, you get a ribbon that says “I won third place in the dirt kicking to banjo music contest” These people fetishize the seventies so badly I want to draft them and send them to the jungles of Vietnam.

P.S. I would lick the butts of all 5 girls they bussed in for this video.

Profound bullshit

Everyone and their mother submitted this video to us. We’ve been kind of stumped for ideas, couldn’t come up with anything mean or smug enough to say about this one. We couldn’t really pin it down because the bullshit in this video is so abstract and ephemeral, it’s like being lost in a fog of bullshit.

We don’t really even understand it, our best guess is it’s some film school kids padding their resumes.

”Yeah, I was post prod director on Blood and Oil.  Oh, you didn’t see that?  Yeah, it was kind of underground.”

However we just feel like it should be seen, it produces more douche chills per second than anything we’ve seen. If anyone out there can explain to us what the fuck this video is about, we’d appreciate it.

Rear Admiral Ginger Neckstubble III

Rear admiral ginger neckstubble III from down under, professional webdev and motorhead leather jacket owner, describes how he removed the 70s headlight taillight and handlebars from his bike so he could put a 70s headlight taillight and handlebars on his bike. Well, almost, because he forgot the mounting bolt for the headlight. Headlight is literally pointed at a different angle in almost every shot.


“Hey man, we’re just a company that’s all about freedom ©, motorcycles, surfing and having a good time with our pals and all the things that go along with that. ”

Here is a list of those things:

$390 sweatshirts http://shop.au.deuscustoms.com/collections/mens-jackets/products/rc-deus-jacket

$190 toolroll http://shop.au.deuscustoms.com/collections/accessories/products/makr-x-deus-tool-roll

$200 riding goggles http://shop.au.deuscustoms.com/collections/riding/products/aviator-4602-goggles-chrblk

$200 jeans http://shop.au.deuscustoms.com/collections/mens-pants/products/darry-rin

$220 hoodie http://shop.au.deuscustoms.com/collections/mens-hoodies/products/rc-deus-hoodie

(note we don’t have a problem with Deus bikes, because the guy who builds them “Woolie” is actually talented, but those prices are fucking ridiculous)