We’re too lazy to write posts, so instead I’ll just post the description of this new Iron & Resin video. I swear this is direct from their vimeo page. Reading it feels like being hit over the head with a liberal arts diploma by a limp wristed beardo.


“Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mohave, is truly a spectacle to behold. Packing a few essentials, we left our home and made a hasty retreat across the inland sprawl of Southern California and into another world seeking refuge and adventure. Rugged mountains of twisted rock and exposed granite monoliths testify to the tremendous earth forces that shaped and formed this land. Joshuatrees standing sentinel, with up stretched arms resolute against the unrelenting sun. Here the golden hour seemed to last forever and we scrambled over boulders, hiked endless rivers of sand, and rode our desert sleds into electrifying sunsets.

Nights were spent under a full moon, huddled in the welcome chill around a fire, sharing whiskey and a meal among good friends. And like the desert creatures that make this place their home, we too found refuge under the desert sky. Our Spring 2015 collection is inspired by our adventures in the Mojave Desert. Yucca, buckwheat, allysum, and juniper along with the arroyos , granite and desert varnish form an impressionistic landscape of color against a brilliant sky.

For our Spring line, you’ll find rich, desert washed hues, bands of color, heavy washes and custom wovens that tell our story through color and texture and silhouettes with a style nod to our western heritage. Goods designed for rambling and wandering in a world where refuge is available for those willing to discover it.”


The end is nigh

They’ve started to turn on their own kind, while trying to steal our steez. This is a sign.

As it was, so shall it be again. Just as the terrible terrible chopper trend of the early 2000’s came to an end so will this hipster nonsense. Soon these urban beardsmen will move on to something new, the only trace that they were ever here will be the glut of overpriced “custom” Hondas on craigslist.

Cringe Pic Dump

Running low on videos to make fun of, so here, have a bunch of cringe inducing pics instead.

triumph-t100-scrambler-11This appears to be a competently built motorcycle (other than the dumb tires and kickstand) but why the fuck is it parked in a clothing store? No one wants to buy your $40 t-shirts guy!

tumblr_naxesx0Ym11rvebxto1_1280Speaking of stupid t-shirts, nice try, but no one believes you.

tumblr_naq0buUM2Q1rvebxto1_1280Ahahahahaha wtf is this shit, if my tire looked like a mill stone I’d probably be walking too, seriously what is that tire supposed to be for? Looks like a drag tire for a horse cart.

tumblr_nak1z7vhqB1rvebxto1_1280Please stop writing your name on other peoples work, I get it, you started your “shop’s” instagram before you did any actual work and now you have to fill it with pictures. But stop, you didn’t “build” this motorcycle. You slapped on a stupid seat and threw away the battery, this is still a Yamaha. This would be the equivalent of every kid who slapped a spoiler on his civic changing the Honda badge to his own name. You ego-maniacal assholes.


Hells Assholes


I’ve never understood the whole chopper/bobber thing because they’re motorcycles that are probably zero fun to ride if you’re interested in anything other than cruising on highways and pulling dumb faces to scare minivan drivers. The obsession with pretending you’re some ’60s biker is really weird. I know it’s just costumes and everyone has to go back to their social media jobs on Monday, but still. This isn’t the ’60s, the girl at Starbucks has tattoos. Give it a rest.

The Hells Angels and other biker gangs were assholes (link). They sold drugs, beat women and stabbed kids. Stop treating them like they were anything other than typical scumbags, you idiots.

Video of HST and retarded Hells Angels