Reader Questions

For Readers Questions: I decided that having an oil temp gage for a dip stick would be cool (ah-hum). I found one at the dollar store that was pretty easy to adapt to where the old dip stick went. My question is: the oil seems to run about mid-way between roast beef and turkey – is this normal?

Thanks ………… George

Thanks for the question, George. I can tell by your running temperature that you’re a sophisticated owner who only uses artisanal oils with no inorganic chemical additives. Any consistent running temp over turkey indicates cheap, mass produced oil with unnatural chemicals devoid of soul and emotion. Mass produced synthetic oils used by non soulful riders will let your bike run at the internal temps of a hot pocket.

Be sure that when you add the necessary .5 oz of beard oil supplement to the engine oil, you check the label to see that it is 100% natural and locally procured. This combination ensures lower engine running temperatures and you should be running right around beef wellington.
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Reader Questions

“How do I make sure I don’t turn into one of these guys? I have a closet full of plaid and I’m a design student. Is it too late? Help me please :'(“


I dunno bro, don’t get us twisted, try to fuck as many hipster girls as you can!

As for advice, I would say try to learn to enjoy riding  motorcycles instead of sweating over what they look like or if a bike really expresses who you are, don’t be a bitch basically.

Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

Reader Questions

“What’s your problem man? You sound more pretentious than anyone in these videos. You act like these people have all this expensive shit and then turn around and point out how shitty their bikes are and how they don’t have “proper gear”. Fuck your proper gear man I’ll ride shirtless with no helmet if I damn well please. And then I’ll drink Starbucks cause it tastes good and piss it on your faster than light bike.”


LOL I want to lick the tears from this guy’s face.

Reader Questions

“hey bros, i just sharted all over my kickass aeron ass bucket from reading and laughing at your tumblr. How do i get the stinky not to drip on my ankles through the fine mesh?”


Thanks, momentum is your friend, as long as you’re moving forward faster than the shit is dripping downwards you’re safe. Also, nice humblebrag about chair.


“Very cleaver. If your ever out in Oregon make sure you stop by and meet us all. We have a new video, I’m sure you’ll like it. What’s your name by the way so I can credit you for all your hard work?”


I am rather a sharp Cleaver as it were. Who is we? They call me Harvard J Nasty, Esq.