Feel Good Friday

Parking lot stunna videos can get a bit boring and repetitive, but when the stunnas are a bunch of kids from India, throwing up wheelies in turbans?  How can you not love this shit.  This video comes to you courtesy of “Club RPM” where the RPM stands for Ruling Powerful Machines, in case you were wondering.   Their Ruling Powerful 125cc bikes and Vespa knock off scooters are all they need to have a good time.

This video also proves that no matter where you are in the world, a Raiders starter jacket is the preferred uniform of badasses.



Feel Good Friday: Lockk9

Time to share another video we actually enjoy, nothing as authentic and retro as some guy with a beard sharing his passion for turning a wrench in slow mo with dramatic lighting, but it’s pretty cool.

I’m sure most of you have heard of Lockk9 by now, his channel on youtube is very popular. This guy spends tons of time and effort compiling great videos from the Isle of Man TT and the rest of the Irish Road Racing series. Check out the rest of his channel, the IOM TT videos are great but mass start Irish Road Racing stuff is just nuts.

Feel Good Friday

Every Friday we share a video which we actually enjoy. This week’s entry is a KTM video, a couple of brotocross bros take  KTMs from Austria to Egypt. This video is amazing, gives me butterflies every time I watch it. Makes me want to buy a dirt bike and become a brrrap brother.

Feel Good Friday

Yeah it’s that time of the week again, time to share something we enjoy. This time it’s one of my favs, BkingAndy’s “Enjoy Riding” video. This video is what inspired  me to go ride the Black Forest in Germany this past year.

He unfortunately was killed this past summer by an inattentive driver, this goes out to Andy. RIP Homie

Vincent nuts

Since we saw a big spike in traffic, we figured we might as well use our new found popularity for a more positive purpose.  So starting with this post we’re doing a “Feel-Good Friday” posting something we actually find really cool.


This video doesn’t have men in their girlfriends’ jeans.  It doesn’t have showers of angle grinder sparks.  No one stares into the camera with a look carefully copied from an insurance commercial.  There’s no verbal fluffery on the essence of manhood, delicately limited depth-of-field pans, or tie-ins to organic locavore grooming products.

Just a video of two old gentlemen, hanging out in their garage, playing with their absolutely insane land speed bike. I don’t even know what I can say, a decades-old Vincent engine, methanol injection,  homemade semi auto pneumatic gearbox powered by compressed air contained in the frame like a porsche 917, huge nitrous shot, and God knows what else.  All adding up to 180 horsepower on a flamethrowing run, on what looks like a homemade dyno, ridden by a 75-year old man who just happens to be a world record holder.

I’d be willing to bet that once these two are gone, no one will know how to run that bike.

Check out the rest of their channel for more cool vids http://www.youtube.com/user/harveybowden