Feel Good Friday Turbo Edition

Been a long week, so lets take a break from all the hipster nonsense and watch a video that makes us smile.

This one is personal for me, when I was a teenager in the mists of time (the 90’s) one of my brother’s idiot friends had a GSX-R 1100 with a turbo strapped on to it. A bike so ridiculous that I’m pretty sure I have PTSD from it, so while cruising around you tube I came across the video and couldn’t help but smile and shudder at the same time. Enjoy the madness.


The dudes at Revzilla are stealing our shtick! Hey guys if you haven’t noticed my name ends is Esq. that means I’m a lawyer, and I can practice law in several small central American countries. Send us free stuff (list of gear will be emailed) or we’ll sue!

P.S. I do a pretty good Anthony impression, “Hey thisisanthontywithrevzillatv where you can WATCH, DECIDE & RIDE”


Feel Good Friday

I know we’re not posting much these days, but it’s summer time and we’re all busy riding. So here is another FGF video to cheer you jerks up.

The original On Any Sunday is a good movie but I think it’s also responsible for a lot of the retro hipster malarkey we see. Stupid people watch that movie, completely miss the point and decide to become 70’s bike reenactors in dumb costumes.  That having been said I’m kind of excited about the new version being made by Bruce Brown’s son. Hopefully this will inform some of these dopes about how cool modern motorcycling is. Enjoy.

Feel Good Friday

We get a lot of mail about how we shouldn’t make fun of hipsters because motorcycling needs more young people to be involved.

So this week’s FGF video is a shot in the arm, take heart not all the kids are spending their time shopping for “heritage boots” or selvedge denim trying to look the part.  New generation of actual riders is out there, you might not see them as much but they’re there. Oh you might want to turn down the music.

Ride safe.



Feel Good Friday

Hey remember when America had its own motorcycle racing series?  Whatever happened with that?  Oh that’s right they sold it to DMG and it went to shit.  Well I guess England still has a series, and it’s pretty cool.  BSB Tracks are fun to watch racing on and Cadwell Park is famous for its jump, so I guess enjoy this and try not to think to much about what happened to the AMA series.

Feel good friday RC30

We haven’t posted a Feel Good Friday vid in a while, so this week we have a real treat. Something to really wash the taste of bullshit out.

Instead of watching Sven the bearded wonder fuck around in a moody garage and “build” a motorcycle, let’s watch professionals do it.  Dudes with PhDs in motorcycles. Instead of some junk heap CB, let’s watch a truly cool motorcycle get put together.  In my opinion the RC30 is probably one of the coolest/prettiest motorcycles of the last 25 years.


We’re getting free shit

Aerostich logo 2012

The guys at Aerostich got in touch with us, said they like what we are doing, and would like to put an ad on our website.  We agree, we like what we’re doing.  We were promised free t-shirts in return; this internet hate business sure is lucrative.

So if for any irrational whim of a reason you decide your $200 hoodie  and gardening gloves  aren’t going to save you from a 40mph lowside into a shrub due to your hardtail XS400 not being able to maintain traction over a pothole in a turn you entered too fast because you have no front brake, you might consider a step up to some of this gear.

Every old guy I know that rides, has a Aerostich suit.  Old guys are wily, they know what’s up.   Some of us are AARP — I mean BMW club — members, so we can confirm that Aerostich is legit stuff.

They also offer the best iPhone app on the market to support your riding habit.

Here’s their site: www.aerostich.com